US: /ˈfaɪn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fine /fain/
  • tính từ
    • tốt, nguyên chất (vàng, bạc...)
    • nhỏ, mịn, thanh mảnh; sắc
      • a fine pen: bút đầu nhỏ
      • fine sand: cát mịn
      • fine rain: mưa bụi
      • fine thread: sợi chỉ mảnh
      • a knife with a fine edge: con dao lưỡi sắc
    • tốt, khả quan, hay, giải
      • a fine idea: ý kiến hay
      • a fine teacher: giáo viên giỏi
    • lớn, đường bệ
      • fine potatoes: những củ khoai to
      • a man of fine presence: người trông đường bệ
    • đẹp, xinh, bảnh
      • a fine baby: đứa bé xinh, đứa bé kháu
    • đẹp, trong sáng
      • fine weather: trời đẹp, trời trong sáng
    • sặc sỡ, rực rỡ, loè loẹt
      • fine feather: lông sặc sỡ
    • cầu kỳ (văn)
    • có ý kiến khen ngợi, có ý ca ngợi
      • to say fine things about someone: khen ngợi ai
    • tế nhị, tinh vi; chính xác
      • a fine distinction: sự phân biệt tinh vi
      • fine mechanics: cơ học chính xác
    • cao thượng, cao quý
      • fine feelings: những cảm nghĩ cao quý
    • (thể dục,thể thao) hoàn toàn sung sức
    • fine feathers make birds
      • người tốt vì lụa
    • fine gentleman
      • ông lớn
    • fine lady
      • bà lớn
  • phó từ
    • hay, khéo
      • that will suit me fine: cái đó đối với tôi vừa khéo
      • to talk fine: nói hay, nói khéo
      • to cut it fine: tính vừa khéo
  • danh từ
    • trời đẹp
    • in rain or fine
      • dù mưa hay nắng
    • (nghĩa bóng) lúc khó khăn cũng như lúc thuận lợi
    • ngoại động từ
      • lọc (bia) cho trong
      • (+ away, down, off) làm thanh, làm mịn
      • làm nhỏ bớt, làm thon
      • nội động từ
        • trong ra (nước...)
        • trở nên thanh hơn, trở nên nhỏ hơn, trở nên mịn hơn
        • thon ra
        • danh từ
          • tiền phạt
            • to impose a fine on someone: phạt vạ ai
          • tiền chồng nhà (của người mới thuê)
          • ngoại động từ
            • bắt phạt ai, phạt vạ ai
            • nội động từ
              • trả tiền chồng nhà (người thuê nhà)
              • danh từ
                • in fine tóm lại; cuối cùng, sau hết

              Advanced English dictionary

              adjective, adverb, noun, verb
              + adjective (finer, finest)
              very good
              1 [usually before noun] of high quality; good: a very fine performance + fine clothes / wines / workmanship + a particularly fine example of Saxon architecture + the finest collection of paintings in Europe + She's a fine actor and an even finer dancer. + Jim has made a fine job of the garden. + people who enjoy the finer things in life (= for example art, good food, etc.) + He tried to appeal to their finer feelings (= feelings of duty, love, etc.). + It was his finest hour (= most successful period) as manager of the England team.
              very well
              2 (of a person) in good health: 'How are you?' 'Fine, thanks.' + I was feeling fine when I got up this morning. + 'How's your throat?' 'It's fine as long as I don't cough.'
              acceptable / satisfactory
              3 (spoken) (also used as an exclamation) used to tell sb that an action, a suggestion or a decision is acceptable: 'I'll leave this here, OK?' 'Fine.' + 'Bob wants to know if he can come too.' 'That's fine by me.'
              4 (spoken) used to say you are satisfied with sth: Don't worry. Your speech was fine. + You go on without me. I'll be fine. + 'Can I get you another drink?' 'No, thanks. I'm fine.' + (ironic) This is a fine (= terrible) mess we're in! + (ironic) You're a fine one to talk! (= you are not in a position to criticize, give advice, etc.)
              5 [usually before noun] pleasing to look at: a fine view + a fine-looking woman + a fine figure of a man
              6 [usually before noun] attractive and delicate: fine bone china + She has inherited her mother's fine features (= a small nose, mouth, etc.).
              7 (especially BrE) bright and not raining: a fine day / evening + I hope it stays fine for the picnic.
              very thin
              8 very thin or narrow: fine blond hair + a fine thread + a brush with a fine tip
              detail / distinctions
              9 [usually before noun] difficult to see or describe: You really need a magnifying glass to appreciate all the fine detail. + There's no need to make such fine distinctions. + There's a fine line between love and hate (= it is easy for one to become the other). + We still have to iron out the finer details.
              with small grains
              10 made of very small grains: fine sand / flour + Use a finer piece of sandpaper to finish.
              11 [only before noun] that you have a lot of respect for: He was a fine man and a fine soldier (= respected both as a man and as a soldier).
              words / speeches
              12 sounding important and impressive but unlikely to have any effect: His speech was full of fine words which meant nothing.
              13 (technical) containing only a particular metal and no other substances that reduce the quality: fine gold
              Idioms: get sth down to a fine art (informal) to learn to do sth well and efficiently: I spend so much time travelling that I've got packing down to a fine art.
              not to put too fine a point on it used to emphasize sth that is expressed clearly and directly, especially a criticism: Not to put too fine a point on it, I think you are lying.
              more at CHANCE n., FETTLE, LINE n., TALK v.
              + adverb (informal) in a way that is satisfactory or acceptable: Keep going like that-you're doing fine. + Things were going fine until you showed up. + That arrangement suits me fine. + (BrE) An omelette will do me fine (= will be enough for me).
              Idioms: cut it / things fine (informal) to leave yourself just enough time to do sth: If we don't leave till after lunch we'll be cutting it very fine.
              + noun
              a sum of money that must be paid as punishment for breaking a law or rule: a parking fine + Offenders will be liable to a heavy fine (= one that costs a lot of money). + Under the new law, motorists face fines of up to £1 000. + She has already paid over $2 000 in fines.
              + verb [often passive] ~ sb (sth) (for sth / for doing sth) to make sb pay money as an official punishment: [VN] She was fined for speeding. + [VNN] The company was fined £20 000 for breaching safety regulations.

              Thesaurus dictionary

              1 superior, excellent, superb, magnificent, supreme, marvellous, exceptional, splendid, exquisite, elegant, first-class, first-rate, prime, choice, select, top-grade, high-grade, top-drawer, quality, admirable, great, good, satisfactory, Colloq out of this world, great, OK or okay, peachy, neat, keen, Brit tickety-boo, US neat, Australian bonzer, Slang swell, cool, Brit old-fashioned ripping, Dialectal champion:
              He is a connoisseur of fine paintings. She turned in a fine performance.
              2 sunny, fair, bright, clear, cloudless, balmy, pleasant, dry, nice:
              It was a fine day for a picnic.
              3 enjoyable, satisfying, entertaining, amusing, good, interesting, pleasant, nice:
              Thank you for inviting us to such a fine party.
              4 accomplished, skilful, consummate, outstanding, masterly, brilliant, virtuoso:
              Ann-Sofie is a fine pianist.
              5 delicate, subtle, exquisite, well-made, dainty, elegant; superior, excellent, outstanding:
              What a fine example of miniature-painting!
              6 delicate, dainty, thin, gossamer, diaphanous, gauzy, sheer, slender, frail, flimsy, filamentous, threadlike:
              The sword hung over Damocles' head by a fine thread.
              7 powdered, powdery, pulverized, comminuted, crushed, fine-grained:
              As soon as they touched the papyrus, it disintegrated into a fine powder.
              8 sharp, keen, keen-edged, razor-sharp, pointed, acute:
              The points of the sea urchin's spines are so fine you don't feel them enter.
              9 subtle, delicate, refined, acute, keen, discriminating, critical, precise, nice, hair-splitting:
              There is sometimes a fine distinction between pleasure and pain.
              10 good-looking, handsome, attractive, striking, beautiful, pretty, lovely, seemly, fair, comely, Colloq US cute, Scots bonny:
              Jeanette married a fine young man.
              11 meritorious, worthy, commendable, admirable, excellent, superb, splendid, good, Colloq great:
              She has displayed fine courage in the face of terrible family problems.
              12 healthy, well, healthful, robust, all right, Colloq OK or okay:
              I told the doctor that I was feeling fine.
              13 close:
              Arriving at the airport with only minutes to spare is cutting it pretty fine.
              1 penalty, charge, fee, mulct, forfeit, amercement; forfeiture:
              He was unable to pay the parking fine.
              2 penalize, charge, mulct, amerce:
              She was fined for parking at a bus stop.

              Collocation dictionary

              1 good enough/suitable


              be, look, seem, smell, sound, taste | turn out
              I knew that everything would turn out fine in the end.


              absolutely, just
              Don't worry. Your voice sounds absolutely fine.


              This paper's not very good quality, but it's fine for rough work.

              2 in good health/happy and comfortable


              be, feel, look, seem
              George looks fine now.


              I feel absolutely fine.

              3 bright and sunny/not raining


              be | turn out
              It's turned out fine again today.
              | keep, remain, stay
              Let's hope it stays fine for the wedding this afternoon.

              4 thin/small




              extremely, very
              Her hair is very fine. a very fine distinction
              | quite

              Concise English dictionary

              +money extracted as a penalty
              +issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty
              +being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
              +minutely precise especially in differences in meaning
              +of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles
              +thin in thickness or diameter
              +characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment
              +free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity
              +an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence
              +in a delicate manner