US: /ˈfju/
UK: /fjˈuː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

few /fju:/
  • tính từ
    • ít vải
      • a man of few words: một người ít nói
      • very few people: rất ít người
      • every few minutes: cứ vài phút
    • (a few) một vài, một ít
      • to go away for a few days: đi xa trong một vài ngày
      • quite a few: một số kha khá
  • danh từ & đại từ
    • ít, số ít, vài
      • he has many books but a few of them are interesting: anh ấy có nhiều sách nhưng chỉ có một vài cuốn là hay
    • a good few
      • một số kha khá, một số khá nhiều
    • the few
      • thiểu số; số được chọn lọc
    • some few
      • một số, một số không lớn

Advanced English dictionary

determiner, adjective, pronoun
determiner, adjective (fewer, fewest)
1 used with plural nouns and a plural verb to mean 'not many': Few people understand the difference. + There seem to be fewer tourists around this year. + Very few students learn Latin now.
2 (usually a few) used with plural nouns and a plural verb to mean 'a small number', 'some': We've had a few replies. + I need a few things from the store. + Quite a few people are going to arrive early. + I try to visit my parents every few weeks.
Idioms: few and far between not frequent; not happening often
+ pronoun
1 not many people, things or places: Very few of his books are worth reading. + You can pass with as few as 25 points. + (formal) Few will argue with this conclusion.
2 (a few) a small number of people, things or places; some: I recognized a few of the other people. + I've seen most of his movies. Only a few are as good as his first one. + Could you give me a few more details?
3 (fewer) not as many as: Fewer than 20 students passed all the exams. + There are no fewer than 100 different species in the area.
4 (the few) used with a plural verb to mean 'a small group of people': Real power belongs to the few. + She was one of the chosen few (= the small group with special privileges).
Idioms: quite a few (BrE also a good few) a fairly large number: I've been there quite a few times.
have had a few (informal) to have had enough alcohol to make you drunk

Thesaurus dictionary

1 hardly or scarcely any, not many, insufficient; infrequent, occasional:
Few people came to my party. He is a man of few words.
2 handful, some, scattering:
I invited a lot of people, but only a few came.
3 (only) one or two, not many:
Many apply but few are chosen.

Concise English dictionary

+an indefinite but relatively small number
+a small elite group
+a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `a'; a small but indefinite number