US: /ˈfæsən/
UK: /fˈɑːsən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fasten /'fɑ:sn/
  • ngoại động từ
    • buộc chặt, trói chặt
      • to fasten a parcel: buộc chặt một gói
    • đóng chặt
      • to fasten the door: đóng chặt cửa
    • (+ on, upon) dán mắt nhìn; tập trung (suy nghĩ)
      • to one's eyes on somebody: dán mắt nhìn ai, nhìn ai chòng chọc
      • to fasten one's thoughts on something: tập tung tư tưởng vào cái gì
      • to fasten one's attention on something: chăm chú vào việc gì
    • (+ on, upon) gán cho đổ cho
      • to fasten a crime on somebody: đổ tội cho ai
      • to fasten a nickname on somebody: gán cho ai một biệt hiệu
  • nội động từ
    • buộc, trói
    • đóng, cài
      • door will not fasten: cửa hàng không đóng được
    • to fasten off
      • thắt nút (sợi chỉ)
    • to fasten on (upon)
      • nắm chắc lấy, bám chặt lấy; vớ, nắm lấy (một cớ, một cơ hội)
    • tách ra để tấn công
    • tập trung vào
    • gán cho, đổ cho
    • to fasten up
      • buộc chặt, trói chặt, đóng chặt
    • to fasten quarrel upon somebody
      • gây sự với ai

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 ~ (sth) (up) to close or join together the two parts of sth; to become closed or joined together
Synonym: DO UP
[VN] Fasten your seatbelts, please. + He fastened up his coat and hurried out. + [V] The dress fastens at the back.
2 to close sth firmly so that it will not open; to be closed in this way: [VN] Fasten the gates securely so that they do not blow open. + [V] The window wouldn't fasten.
3 [VN +adv./prep.] to fix or place sth in a particular position, so that it will not move: He fastened back the shutters.
4 [VN] ~ A to B
~ A and B (together) to attach or tie one thing to another thing: He fastened the papers together with a paper clip.
5 if you fasten your arms around sb, your teeth into sth, etc., or if your arms, teeth, etc. fasten around, into, etc. sb/sth, you hold the person/thing firmly with your arms, etc: [VN] The dog fastened its teeth in his leg. + [V] His hand fastened on her arm.
6 if you fasten your eyes on sb/sth or your eyes fasten on sb/sth, you look at them for a long time: [VN] He fastened his gaze on her face. [also V]
Phrasal Verbs: fasten on(to) sb/sth to choose or follow sb/sth in a determined way

Thesaurus dictionary

1 attach, tie, bind, bond, stick, affix, anchor, fix, lock, hook (up), secure, join, connect, link, fuse, cement, clamp:
Fasten your seat belts. The mussels fasten themselves by their byssi to underwater piles.
2 fix, rivet, focus, concentrate, direct, aim, point:
He fastened his gaze on Kitty. She fastened her attention on the ceiling.

Collocation dictionary


firmly, properly, securely, tightly
We fastened all the windows securely.
| up | together
She fastened the papers together with a paper clip.


She fastened the rope to a tree.

Concise English dictionary

fastens|fastened|fastening'fæsn /'fɑːsn
+cause to be firmly attached
+become fixed or fastened
+attach to
+make tight or tighter