US: /fəˈsɪɫɪti/
UK: /fəsˈɪlɪti/

English Vietnamese dictionary

facility /fə'siliti/
  • danh từ
    • (số nhiều) điều kiện dễ dàng, điều kiện thuận lợi; phương tiện dễ dàng
      • to give facilities for (of) foing something: tạo điều kiện dễ dàng để làm việc gì
      • transportation facilities: những phương tiện dễ dàng cho việc vận chuyển
    • sự dễ dàng, sự trôi chảy
    • sự hoạt bát
    • tài khéo léo
    • tính dễ dãi

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 (facilities) [pl.] buildings, services, equipment, etc. that are provided for a particular purpose: sports / leisure facilities + conference / storage facilities + shopping / banking / cooking facilities + The hotel has special facilities for welcoming disabled people. + All rooms have private facilities (= a private bathroom).
2 [C] a special feature of a machine, service, etc. that makes it possible to do sth extra: a bank account with an overdraft facility + a facility for checking spelling + This facility allows the user to input text in various forms onto the screen and thus create a true newspaper page.
3 [C] a place, usually including buildings, used for a particular purpose or activity: the world's largest nuclear waste facility + a new health care facility
4 [sing., U] ~ (for sth) a natural ability to learn or do sth easily: She has a great facility for languages. + He plays the piano with surprising facility.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 ease, smoothness, fluency, effortlessness, readiness, easiness, skill, skilfulness, deftness, dexterity, adroitness, ability, aptitude, expertise, expertness, proficiency, mastery, masterfulness, masterliness, efficiency; quickness, alacrity, celerity, swiftness, speed:
They praised her new-found facility with the Italian language.
2 Often, facilities.
(a) plant, system, building(s), structure, complex:
The company is building a new facility in France.
(b) convenience(s), privy, equipment, lavatory, toilet, powder-room, Nautical head, Brit water-closet, WC, loo, US and Canadian rest room, men's room, ladies' room, Colloq the Gents, the Ladies('), Slang Brit bog, karzy, US and Canadian john:
An American asked where he could find the facilities.

Collocation dictionary

1 facilities buildings/services/equipment


excellent, first-class, good | adequate, appropriate, proper, suitable | inadequate, poor | basic, limited
a hotel with only basic facilities
| modern, up-to-date | extensive | extra | available, existing
We are looking to upgrade the existing facilities.
| essential, necessary
to improve access to essential facilities
| local, community
hospitals, schools and other major community facilities
| communal, shared
The toilets and other communal facilities were in a shocking state.
| public | disabled
The railway station was criticized for its lack of disabled facilities.
| conference | airport, hotel | bar, holiday, leisure, play, recreational, social, sporting/sports | transport, travel | parking | shopping | storage | canteen, dining, restaurant | catering, cooking, kitchen | baby changing, bathroom, laundry, sanitary, shower, toilet, washing | en suite, private
All bedrooms offer private facilities (= a private bathroom).
| health, health care, hospital, medical | childcare, cr
che, day care, nursery | educational, training | library, research | laboratory | computing


have, offer, provide | improve, upgrade | make use of, use
I made full use of the computing facilities.


be available, exist | include sth
Facilities include a large indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna.


~ for
The school has no facilities for the teaching of music. The hotel provides excellent facilities for children.


a range of facilities

2 special feature of a machine/service


The archive offers a central facility for cataloguing and indexing data.
| back-up
The report warns that there are no back-up facilities if the reprocessing plant breaks down.
| support
training and other support facilities
| special | useful | flexible
A First National Bank loan is an extremely flexible facility.
| technical | cheque book, credit, loan, overdraft
a bank account with an overdraft facility
| editing, graphics, help, mail, search, word processing
(all computing)


have, offer, provide | use


allow (for) sth
The cheque book facility allows for a minimum withdrawal of £200.


~ for
The device has a facility for storing any sound you like.

3 natural ability


amazing, great


have | show


with ~
He played with great facility.
| ~ for
She showed an amazing facility for mind-reading.

Concise English dictionary

+a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry
+skillful performance or ability without difficulty
+a natural effortlessness
+something designed and created to serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or service
+a service that an organization or a piece of equipment offers you