US: /ˈɛkstɹəˌkeɪt/
UK: /ˈɛkstɹɪkˌe‍ɪt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

extricate /'ekstrikəbl/
  • ngoại động từ
    • gỡ, gỡ thoát, giải thoát
    • (hoá học) tách ra, cho thoát ra

Advanced English dictionary

(yourself) (from sth) (written)
1 to escape or enable sb to escape from a difficult situation: He had managed to extricate himself from most of his official duties.
2 to free sb/sth or yourself from a place where they/it or you are trapped: They managed to extricate the pilot from the tangled control panel.

Thesaurus dictionary

unravel, disentangle, untangle, disengage, (set) free, turn loose, release, liberate, rescue, save, deliver:
You helped extricate me from a terrible predicament.

Concise English dictionary

+release from entanglement of difficulty