US: /ɪkˈsɛɫ/
UK: /ɛksˈɛl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

excel /ik'sel/
  • ngoại động từ (+ in, at)
    • hơn, trội hơn (người khác về mặt nào...)
      • to others in courage: trội hơn người khác về mặt dũng cảm, dũng cảm hơn người
  • nội động từ (+ in, at)
    • trội về, xuất sắc về (môn gì...)
      • to excel at mathematics: trội về môn toán, xuất sắc về môn toán

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb (-ll-)
1 [V] (in / at sth / at doing sth) to be very good at doing sth: She has always excelled in foreign languages. + The team excels at turning defence into attack. + As a child he excelled at music and art.
2 [VN] yourself (BrE) to do extremely well and even better than you usually do: Rick's cooking was always good but this time he really excelled himself.

Thesaurus dictionary

surpass, be superior (to), dominate, top, exceed, go beyond, beat, outstrip, outrank, outdo, outpace, outshine, overshadow, eclipse; shine, be pre-eminent:
Few places excel the Caribbean islands for beauty. He really excels when it comes to swimming.

Concise English dictionary

+distinguish oneself