US: /ɪkˈsid/
UK: /ɛksˈiːd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

exceed /ik'si:d/
  • nội động từ
    • trội hơn
    • làm quá
    • phóng đại
    • ăn uống quá độ

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb [VN] (formal)
1 to be greater than a particular number or amount: The price will not exceed £100. + His achievements have exceeded expectations.
2 to do more than the law or an order, etc. allows you to do: She was exceeding the speed limit (= driving faster than is allowed). + The officers had exceeded their authority.
See also - EXCESS

Thesaurus dictionary

1 surpass, top, excel, be superior to, go beyond, beat, overwhelm, better, outdistance, pass, overtake, outstrip, outrank, outrun, outdo, outpace, transcend, outshine, outreach, overshadow, eclipse:
The success of the new product exceeded our expectations.
2 overstep, go beyond, overextend:
His behaviour exceeded the bounds of decency.

Collocation dictionary


considerably, far, greatly, significantly, substantially | comfortably, easily
The House voted by 327 votes to 93, comfortably exceeding the required two-thirds majority.
| slightly | clearly | regularly | rarely
Summer temperatures rarely exceed 27°C.
| generally, normally, usually


be expected to, be likely to
Income is expected to exceed expenditure.
| be unlikely to

Concise English dictionary

+go beyond
+go beyond
+be or do something to a greater degree