US: /ˈivɪn/
UK: /ˈiːvən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

even /'i:vən/
  • danh từ (thơ ca)
    • chiều, chiều hôm
    • tính từ
      • bằng phẳng
      • ngang bằng, ngang
      • (pháp lý); (thương nghiệp) cùng
        • of even date: cùng ngày
      • điềm đạm, bình thản
        • an even temper: tính khí điềm đạm
      • chẵn (số)
      • đều, đều đều, đều đặn
        • an even tempo: nhịp độ đều đều
        • an even pace: bước đi đều đều
      • đúng
        • an even mile: một dặm đúng
      • công bằng
        • an even exchange: sự đổi chác công bằng
      • to be (get) even with someone
        • trả thù ai, trả đũa ai
      • to break even
        • (từ lóng) hoà vốn, không được thua
    • phó từ
      • ngay cả, ngay
        • to doubt even the truth: nghi ngờ ngay cả sự thật
      • lại còn, còn
        • this is even better: cái này lại còn tốt hơn
      • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) không hơn không kém, đúng
      • even if; even though
        • ngay cho là, dù là
      • even now; even then
        • mặc dù thế
      • even so
        • ngay có đúng như thế, dù có đúng như thế thì
      • there deen to be shortcoming in the book, even so it's a good one: sách có thể có nhược điểm, nhưng dù có đúng như thế thì cũng vẫn là quyển sách tốt
    • ngoại động từ
      • san bằng, làm phẳng
      • làm cho ngang, làm bằng
        • to even up: làm thăng bằng
      • bằng (ai), sánh được với (ai), ngang với (ai)
      • to even up on somebody
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) thanh toán với ai ((nghĩa bóng))
      • trả miếng ai, trả đũa ai

    Advanced English dictionary

    adverb, adjective, verb
    + adverb
    1 used to emphasize sth unexpected or surprising: He never even opened the letter (= so he certainly didn't read it). + It was cold there even in summer (= so it must have been very cold in winter). + Even a child can understand it (= so adults certainly can). + She didn't even call to say she wasn't coming.
    2 used when you are comparing things, to make the comparison stronger: You know even less about it than I do. + She's even more intelligent than her sister.
    3 used to introduce a more exact description of sb/sth: It's an unattractive building, ugly even. - ALTHOUGH
    Idioms: even as (formal) just at the same time as sb does sth or as sth else happens: Even as he shouted the warning the car skidded.
    even if / though in spite of the fact or belief that; no matter whether: I'll get there, even if I have to walk. + I like her, even though she can be annoying at times. - ALTHOUGH
    even now / then
    1 in spite of what has/had happened: I've shown him the photographs but even now he won't believe me. + Even then she would not admit her mistake.
    2 (formal) at this or that exact moment: The troops are even now preparing to march into the city.
    even so in spite of that: There are a lot of spelling mistakes; even so, it's quite a good essay.
    more at LESS adv.
    + adjective
    smooth / level
    1 smooth, level and flat: You need an even surface to work on.
    Antonym: UNEVEN
    not changing
    2 not changing very much in amount, speed, etc: an even temperature all year + Children do not learn at an even pace.
    Antonym: UNEVEN
    3 (of an amount of sth) equal or the same for each person, team, place, etc: Our scores are now even. + the even distribution of food
    Antonym: UNEVEN
    4 (of two people or teams) equally balanced or of an equal standard: an even contest + The two players were pretty even.
    Antonym: UNEVEN
    5 that can be divided exactly by two: 4, 6, 8, 10 are all even numbers
    Antonym: ODD
    same size
    6 equally spaced and the same size: even features / teeth
    Antonym: UNEVEN
    7 calm; not changing or becoming upset: She has a very even temperament. + He spoke in a steady, even voice. + Nothing disturbed the even tenor of our life.
    evenness noun [U]: What she liked in him was his evenness of temper.
    Idioms: be even (informal) to no longer owe sb money or a favour: If I pay for the meals then we're even.
    be / get even (with sb) (informal) to cause sb the same amount of trouble or harm as they have caused you: I'll get even with you for this, just you wait.
    break even to complete a piece of business, etc. without either losing money or making a profit: The company just about broke even last year.
    have an even chance (of doing sth) to be equally likely to do or not do sth: She has more than an even chance of winning tomorrow. + There's an even chance that the jury will find him guilty.
    on an even keel living, working or happening in a calm way, with no sudden changes, especially after a difficult time: Business is now back on an even keel after the postal strike. + Setting her life back on an even keel after their break-up had been incredibly difficult.
    more at HONOUR n.
    Idioms: even the score to harm or punish sb who has harmed or cheated you in the past
    Phrasal Verbs: even out to become level or steady, usually after varying a lot: House prices keep rising and falling but they should eventually even out.
    even sth<->out to spread things evenly over a period of time or among a number of people: He tried to even out the distribution of work among his employees.
    even sth<->up to make a situation or a competition more equal

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 smooth, flat, plane, level, regular, uniform, flush, straight, true:
    Sand the edges till they are even.
    2 Sometimes, even with. level or uniform (with), coextensive (with), flush (with), parallel (with or to):
    Make sure that the lines at the bottom of the columns are even. Is that board even with the others?
    3 steady, regular, consistent, constant, uniform, unvaried, unvarying, methodical, unchanging, set, equable, stable, measured, metrical, rhythmical, orderly, ordered, monotonous, unbroken, uninterrupted:
    We walked along at an even pace.
    4 even-tempered, calm, equable, composed, placid, serene, peaceful, cool, tranquil, unruffled, imperturbable, undisturbed, impassive, steady, temperate, equanimous, self-possessed, sober, staid, sedate, sober-sided:
    People of even disposition are unexcited, unexcitable, and unexciting.
    5 balanced, equal, the same, identical, coequal, level, drawn, on a par, tied, neck and neck; equivalent, Colloq fifty-fifty, Brit level pegging, US even Steven:
    At half-time the scores were even. I have an even chance of getting the job.
    6 square, quits, equal:
    If I pay for this round, we'll be even.
    7 fair (and square), square, impartial, disinterested, neutral, just, even-handed, equitable, straightforward, on the level, honest, upright, unbiased, unprejudiced:
    See that you make an even distribution of the food parcels.
    8 exact, precise, round, rounded off or out or up or down:
    The bill came to an even fifty pounds.
    9 get even (with). repay, revenge oneself (on), even or settle accounts or the score (with), requite, reciprocate, retaliate, be revenged:
    I'll get even with her for telling my mother. Whenever he feels that he's been insulted, he wants to get even.
    10 still, yet; all the (more), indeed, (more) than ever:
    He is even dumber than I thought. He is in debt to everyone, even his daughter.
    11 Sometimes, even with or though. notwithstanding, despite, in spite of, disregarding:
    Even with delays, we arrived on time.
    12 even so. nevertheless, nonetheless, still, yet, notwithstanding, all the same, in spite of that, despite that:
    He refused to attend; even so, we sent him an invitation.
    13 Usually, even up or out. smooth, flatten, level, equalize; align:
    This road will be fine when they even out the bumps.
    14 even out or up. equalize, balance (out), settle; compensate:
    Unfortunately, our profits and our expenses evened out.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 level/smooth


    be, look
    The floor isn't completely even.


    very | absolutely, completely

    2 same size/level


    be | become | keep sth
    Try to keep your stitches absolutely even.


    very | absolutely, completely | fairly
    Try to keep the room at a fairly even temperature.

    3 equal


    be, seem | remain


    very | fairly, more or less
    The scores remained more or less even throughout the competition.

    Concise English dictionary

    +the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall)
    +make level or straight
    +become even or more even
    +make even or more even
    +divisible by two
    +equal in degree or extent or amount; or equally matched or balanced
    +being level or straight or regular and without variation as e.g. in shape or texture; or being in the same plane or at the same height as something else (i.e. even with)
    +symmetrically arranged
    +occurring at fixed intervals
    +of the score in a contest
    +used as an intensive especially to indicate something unexpected
    +in spite of; notwithstanding
    +to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons
    +to the full extent