US: /ɪˈstæbɫɪʃ/
UK: /ɪstˈæblɪʃ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

establish /is'tæbliʃ/
  • ngoại động từ
    • lập, thành lập, thiết lập, kiến lập
      • to establish a government: lập chính phủ
      • to establish diplomatic relations: kiến lập quan hệ ngoại giao
    • đặt (ai vào một địa vị...)
    • chứng minh, xác minh (sự kiện...)
    • đem vào, đưa vào (thói quen, tín ngưỡng...)
    • chính thức hoá (nhà thờ)
    • củng cố, làm vững chắc
      • to establish one's reputation: củng cố thanh danh
      • to establish one's health: lấy lại sức khoẻ
      • to establish oneself: sinh cơ lập nghiệp; ổn định cuộc sống
      • to establish oneself as a grocer: sinh cơ lập nghiệp bằng nghề bán tạp phẩm

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 [VN] to start or create an organization, a system, etc. that is meant to last for a long time
Synonym: SET UP
The committee was established in 1912. + The new treaty establishes a free trade zone. + Let's establish some ground rules.
2 [VN] to start having a relationship, especially a formal one, with another person, group or country: The school has established a successful relationship with the local community.
3 [VN] ~ sb/sth / yourself (in sth) (as sth) to hold a position for long enough or succeed in sth well enough to make people accept and respect you: By then she was established as a star. + He has just set up his own business but it will take him a while to get established.
4 [VN] to make people accept a belief, claim, custom etc: It was this campaign that established the paper's reputation. + Traditions get established over time.
5 to discover or prove the facts of a situation
[VN] Police are still trying to establish the cause of the accident. + [V that] They have established that his injuries were caused by a fall. + [V wh-] We need to establish where she was at the time of the shooting. + [VN that] It has since been established that the horse was drugged.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 found, create, institute, set up, start, begin, inaugurate, organize, form, constitute; decree, enact, ordain, introduce:
The company was established in 1796. A new law was established to protect consumers.
2 secure, settle, fix, entrench, install or instal, seat, ensconce; lodge, locate; station:
Hitler became established as dictator in 1933. Are you established in your new house?
3 prove, confirm, certify, verify, affirm, determine, authenticate, demonstrate, show, substantiate, corroborate, validate, support, back (up):
It will be difficult to establish exactly how the crime was committed.

Collocation dictionary

1 start/create sth


attempt to, seek to, try to
trying to establish links with local schools
| help (to), help sb (to) | agree to
The two countries agreed to establish full diplomatic relations.
| be able to | be important to


an attempt/effort to establish sth, newly/recently established
He was appointed to the newly established Department of the Environment.

2 make sth known and accepted


firmly, securely
His position in the organization is now firmly established.


attempt to, seek to, try to | help (to), help sb (to)
The exhibition helped her establish herself as an artist.


He has now established his reputation as a popular musician.


become/get established
The festival has become established as one of the town's annual events.

3 make certain of sth


conclusively, definitely | empirically


attempt to, seek to, try to
Police are still trying to establish the identity of the dead man.
| help (to) | be able to | be possible to | be difficult to | be important to


an attempt/effort to establish sth

Concise English dictionary

+set up or found
+set up or lay the groundwork for
+establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment
+institute, enact, or establish
+bring about
+use as a basis for; found on
+build or establish something abstract