US: /ˈɛntɹəns/

English Vietnamese dictionary

entrance /'entrəns/
  • danh từ
    • sự đi vào
    • (sân khấu) sự ra (của diễn viên)
    • sự nhậm (chức...)
    • quyền vào, quyền gia nhập
    • tiền vào, tiền gia nhập ((cũng) entrance_fee)
    • cổng vào, lối vào
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm xuất thần
      • làm mê li
      • mê hoặc (ai đén chỗ...)
        • to entrance someone to his destruction: mê hoặc ai đến chỗ làm cho người ta bị thất cơ lỡ vận

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun-see also ENTRANCE
    door / gate
    1 [C] ~ (to / of sth) a door, gate, passage, etc. used for entering a room, building or place: the entrance to the museum / the museum entrance + the front / back / side entrance of the house + A lighthouse marks the entrance to the harbour. + an entrance hall / lobby + I'll meet you at the main entrance.
    Compare: EXIT n. (1)
    going in
    2 [C, usually sing.] ~ (of sb) the act of entering a room, building or place, especially in a way that attracts the attention of other people: His sudden entrance took everyone by surprise. + A fanfare signalled the entrance of the king. + She made her entrance after all the other guests had arrived. + The hero makes his entrance (= walks onto the stage) in Scene 2.
    3 [U] ~ (to sth) the right or opportunity to enter a building or place: They were refused entrance to the exhibition. + (BrE) an entrance fee (= money paid to go into a museum, etc.) + The police were unable to gain entrance to the house.
    becoming involved
    4 [C] ~ (into sth) the act of becoming involved in sth: The company made a dramatic entrance into the export market.
    to club / institution
    5 [U] ~ (to sth) permission to become a member of a club, society, university, etc: a university entrance exam + entrance requirements + Entrance to the golf club is by sponsorship only.
    Compare: ENTRY
    entrance / entry / admission
    Both entrance and entry can be used to mean the act of going into a room or building: She looked up at the sound of my entrance/entry.
    Entrance, entry and admission all mean the right to enter a place: We were refused entrance/entry/admission.
    Entrance, entry and admission are also used for the right to join a club, an institution or a group: an entrance exam + entry requirements + selecting students for admission.
    The physical way in to a building is an entrance (AmE also entryway): I'll meet you at the entrance.
    + verb
    [VN] [usually passive] (written) to make sb feel great pleasure and admiration so that they give sb/sth all their attention: He listened to her, entranced.
    See also - ENTRANCE
    entrancing adjective: entrancing music

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 (right of) entry, access, admission, admittance, entrée, introduction:
    You need security clearance to gain entrance.
    2 entry, entry-way, access, door, gate, passage, way (in); ingress:
    The entrance is locked after midnight.
    3 arrival, appearance; coming, entry, coming or going in:
    Her entrances were accompanied by cheers. He opposed our entrance into the war.
    4 beginning, start, commencement:
    Today marks his entrance into his new duties.
    enchant, enrapture, fascinate, bewitch, spellbind, transport, delight, charm, captivate, enthral, overpower, mesmerize, hypnotize:
    He was entranced by her beauty.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 door/place through which you enter sth


    narrow, wide | main | back, front, rear, side | cave, church, harbour, school, tunnel, etc.


    While the front door is being repaired, please use the side entrance.
    | mark
    The little porch marked the entrance to a churchyard.
    | have
    The building has only one entrance.
    | block
    She stood firm, blocking the entrance.


    area, foyer, hall, lobby | door, doorway, gate, porch | passage


    at the ~, by a/the ~
    The band left by the rear entrance to escape photographers.
    | in the ~
    She stood in the entrance to the ward.
    | through the ~
    Go through the main entrance into the yard.
    | ~ from
    There is a back entrance from West Street.
    | ~ into
    the entrance into the car park
    | ~ to
    He was waiting at the entrance to the cave.

    2 act of coming in


    dramatic, grand


    She made a grand entrance once all the guests were assembled.
    | gain
    Some of the protesters tried to gain entrance to the meeting.


    ~ into
    her entrance into politics

    3 right to enter a place


    students hoping to gain entrance to university


    charge, fee | ticket
    an entrance ticket to the zoo
    | requirements | exam/examination

    Concise English dictionary

    +something that provides access (to get in or get out)
    +a movement into or inward
    +the act of entering
    +attract; cause to be enamored
    +put into a trance