US: /ɛnˈdɔɹs/
UK: /ɛndˈɔːs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

endorse /in'dɔ:s/ (indorse) /in'dɔ:s/
  • ngoại động từ
    • chứng thực đằng sau (séc...); viết đằng sau, ghi đằng sau (một văn kiện)
    • xác nhận; tán thành (lời nói, ý kiến...); (thông tục) xác nhận chất lượng được quảng cáo (của món hàng...)
    • to endorse over
      • chuyển nhượng (hối phiếu...)
    • an endorsed licence
      • bằng lái xe bị ghi (vì vi phạm luật lệ); môn bài bị ghi

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb [VN]
1 to say publicly that you support a person, statement or course of action: I wholeheartedly endorse his remarks. + Members of all parties endorsed a ban on land mines.
2 to say in an advertisement that you use and like a particular product so that other people will want to buy it: I wonder how many celebrities actually use the products they endorse.
3 to write your name on the back of a cheque so that it can be paid into a bank account
4 [usually passive] (BrE) to write details of a driving offence on sb's DRIVING LICENCE: You risk being fined and having your licence endorsed.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 indorse, approve, sanction, authorize, advocate, support, back, subscribe to, sustain, confirm, countenance, put one's stamp or seal (of approval) on, set one's seal (of approval) to, give (something) one's imprimatur, Colloq OK, okay:
The council endorsed our application for planning permission.
2 indorse, countersign:
Endorse the cheque to cash it.

Collocation dictionary


enthusiastically, firmly, heartily, strongly, warmly, wholeheartedly | entirely, fully | overwhelmingly, unanimously | broadly
The government has broadly endorsed a research paper proposing new educational targets for 14-year-olds.
| explicitly, implicitly
The plan does not explicitly endorse the private ownership of land.
| formally, officially | publicly | effectively


fail to, refuse to

Concise English dictionary

+be behind; approve of
+give support or one's approval to
+guarantee as meeting a certain standard
+sign as evidence of legal transfer