US: /ˈɛnd/
UK: /ˈɛnd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

end /end/
  • danh từ
    • giới hạn
    • đầu, đầu mút (dây...); đuôi; đáy (thùng...) đoạn cuối
    • mẩu thừa, mẩu còn lại
      • candle ends: mẩu nến
    • sự kết thúc
    • sự kết liễu, sự chết
      • to be near one's end: chẳng còn sống được bao lâu nữa, gần kề miệng lỗ
    • kết quả
    • mục đích
      • to gain one's ends: đạt được mục đích của mình
    • at one's wit's end
      • (xem) wit
    • to be at an end
      • to come to an and
        • hoàn thành
      • bị kiệt quệ
      • to be at the end of one's tether
        • (xem) tether
      • end on
        • với một đầu quay vào (ai)
      • to go off the deep end
        • (xem) deep
      • in the end
        • cuối cùng về sau
      • to keep opne's end up
        • (xem) keep
      • to make an end of
        • chấm dứt
      • to make both ends meet
        • (xem) meet
      • no end
        • vô cùng
      • no end obliged to you: vô cùng cảm ơn anh
      • no end of
        • rất nhiều
      • no end of trouble: rất nhiều điều phiền nhiễu
      • tuyệt diệu
        • he is no end of a fellow: nó là một thằng cha tuyệt diệu
      • to end
        • liền, liên tục
      • for hours on end: trong mấy tiếng liền
      • thẳng đứng
      • to place end to end
        • đặt nối đàu vào nhau
      • to put an end to
        • chấm dứt, bãi bỏ
      • to turn end for end
        • lộn ngược lại, trở đầu lại, quay ngược lại
      • world without end
        • (xem) world
    • ngoại động từ
      • kết thúc, chấm dứt
      • kết liễu, diệt
      • nội động từ
        • kết thúc, chấm dứt
        • đi đến chỗ, đưa đến kết quả là
        • to end up
          • kết luận, kết thúc
        • to end with
          • kết thúc bằng
        • to end by doing something
          • cuối cùng sẽ làm việc gì
        • to end in smoke
          • (xem) smoke

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    final part
    1 the final part of a period of time, an event, an activity or a story: at the end of the week / month / year + We didn't leave until the very end. + They finally get named at the end of the book. + We had to hear about the whole journey from beginning to end. + It's the end of an era. + Our end-of-season sale starts next week. + There'll be a chance to ask questions at the end.
    furthest part
    2 the part of an object or a place that is the furthest away from its centre: Turn right at the end of the road. + His office is the room at the other end of the corridor. + I joined the end of the queue. + Go to the end of the line! + You've got something on the end of your nose. + Tie the ends of the string together. + That's his wife sitting at the far end of the table. + These two products are from opposite ends of the price range. + We've travelled from one end of Mexico to the other. + They live in the end house.
    3 a situation in which sth does not exist any more: the end of all his dreams + The meeting came to an end (= finished). + The war was finally at an end. + The coup brought his corrupt regime to an end. + There's no end in sight to the present crisis. + They have called for an end to violence. + This latest attack could spell the end of the peace process. + Let's put an end to (= stop) these rumours once and for all. + That was by no means the end of the matter.
    4 an aim or a purpose: They are prepared to use violence in pursuit of their ends. + She is exploiting the current situation for her own ends. + He joined the society for political ends. + With this end in view (= in order to achieve this) they employed 50 new staff. + We are willing to make any concessions necessary to this end (= in order to achieve this). + They are working towards common ends.
    part of activity
    5 [usually sing.] a part of an activity with which sb is concerned, especially in business: We need somebody to handle the marketing end of the business. + Are there any problems at your end? + I have kept my end of the bargain.
    of telephone line / journey
    6 [usually sing.] either of two places connected by a telephone call, journey, etc: I answered the phone but there was no one at the other end. + Jean is going to meet me at the other end.
    of sports field
    7 one of the two halves of a sports field: The teams changed ends at half-time.
    piece left
    8 (BrE) a small piece that is left after sth has been used: a cigarette end
    9 [usually sing.] a person's death. People say 'end' to avoid saying 'death': She came to an untimely end (= died young). + I was with him at the end (= when he died). + (literary) He met his end (= died) at the Battle of Waterloo.
    Idioms: at the end of the day (BrE, spoken) used to introduce the most important fact after everything has been considered: At the end of the day, he'll still have to make his own decision.
    a bad / sticky end (BrE) something unpleasant that happens to sb, for example punishment or a violent death, usually because of their own actions: He'll come to a sticky end one of these days if he carries on like that.
    be at the end of sth to have almost nothing left of sth: I'm at the end of my patience. + They are at the end of their food supply.
    be at the end of your tether (BrE) (AmE be at the end of your rope) to feel that you cannot deal with a difficult situation any more because you are too tired, worried, etc: You'd better let her know you're safe. She's at the end of her tether.
    be the end (BrE, spoken) when you say that people or situations are the end, you mean that you are annoyed with them
    an end in itself a thing that is itself important and not just a part of sth more important
    the end justifies the means (saying) bad or unfair methods of doing sth are acceptable if the result of that action is good or positive
    (reach) the end of the line / road (to reach) the point at which sth can no longer continue in the same way: A defeat in the second round marked the end of the line for last year's champion.
    end of story (spoken) used when you are stating that there is nothing more that can be said or done about sth
    end to end in a line, with the ends touching: They arranged the tables end to end.
    get / have your end away (BrE, slang) to have sex
    go to the ends of the earth to do everything possible, even if it is difficult, in order to get or achieve sth: I'd go to the ends of the earth to see her again.
    in the end
    1 after a long period of time or series of events: He tried various jobs and in the end became an accountant.
    2 after everything has been considered: You can try your best to impress the interviewers but in the end it's often just a question of luck.
    keep your end up (BrE, informal) to continue to be cheerful in a difficult situation
    make (both) ends meet to earn just enough money to be able to buy the things you need: Many families struggle to make ends meet.
    no end (spoken) very much: It upset me no end to hear they'd split up.
    no end of sth (spoken) a lot of sth: We had no end of trouble getting them to agree.
    not the end of the world (spoken) not the worst thing that could happen to sb: Failing one exam is not the end of the world.
    on end
    1 in an upright position: It'll fit if you stand it on end.
    2 for the stated length of time, without stopping: He would disappear for weeks on end.
    put an end to yourself
    put an end to it all to kill yourself
    + verb
    ~ (sth) (with sth) to finish; to make sth finish: [V] The road ends here. + How does the story end? + The speaker ended by suggesting some topics for discussion. + Her note ended with the words:
    'See you soon.' + [VN] They decided to end their relationship. + They ended the play with a song. [also V speech]

    Idioms: end your days / life (in sth) to spend the last part of your life in a particular state or place: He ended his days in poverty.
    end in tears (BrE, spoken) if you say that sth will end in tears, you are warning sb that what they are doing will have an unhappy or unpleasant result
    end it all
    end your life to kill yourself
    the sth to end all sths used to emphasize how large, important, exciting, etc. you think sth is: The movie has a car chase to end all car chases.
    Phrasal Verbs: end in sth [no passive]
    1 to have sth as an ending: The word I'm thinking of ends in '-ous'.
    2 to have sth as a result: Their long struggle ended in failure. + The debate ended in uproar.
    end up to find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend or expect to be in: If you go on like this you'll end up in prison. + [+ -ing] At first they hated each other, but they ended up getting married. + [+ADJ] If he carries on driving like that, he'll end up dead.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 extremity, extreme, extent, bound, boundary, tip, limit, terminus:
    That fence marks the southern end of the property. At the end of the garden was a large shed.
    2 close, termination, conclusion, cessation, expiration, finish, completion, finale, ending, wind-up; denouement or dénouement:
    At the end of the film, the lights came on.
    3 aim, purpose, intention, intent, objective, object, goal, point, reason, raison d'être, destination, motive, motivation, aspiration:
    To what end does she persist so vehemently?
    4 consequence, result, outcome, effect, upshot:
    The end of the affair was that he had to leave town.
    5 destruction, death, ruin, extermination, annihilation, death, termination, conclusion:
    That would spell the end to all life on earth.
    6 at a loose end or US and Canadian at loose ends. unsettled, unoccupied, unemployed, uncommitted, undecided, indecisive, ambivalent, vacillating, purposeless, aimless, adrift, drifting, betwixt and between, neither here nor there:
    My wife has gone off to visit her mother and I'm at a loose end.
    7 on end.
    (a) upright, erect, standing:
    He can balance a ruler on end.
    (b) continuously, uninterruptedly, unceasingly, incessantly, consecutively:
    It rained for days on end.
    8 the end.
    (a) the worst, the last straw, the final blow, Colloq the limit, too much:
    Brian's winning first prize is the absolute end.
    (b) the best, the greatest:
    That disc by The What is the living end.
    9 terminate, conclude, bring to an end, stop, halt, cease, wind up or down, settle, put an end to, discontinue, break off, cut off, close, finish, culminate, end up, Brit put paid to; die (out), expire, climax, peter out, vanish:
    We have ended our relationship. The book ends with her returning to him. The year ends on December 31st.
    10 kill, put to death, annihilate, exterminate, terminate, extinguish; destroy, ruin:
    He ended his life last night with a bullet.
    11 surpass, outdo, outclass, outshine, outstrip, supersede:
    It is a disaster film to end all disaster films.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 furthest part of sth


    bottom, lower | top, upper | back, rear, tail
    (figurative) I just caught the tail end of the movie.
    | front | extreme, very | far, opposite, other
    That's his wife sitting at the far end of the table.
    | round, square, etc. | pointed, sharp | cheap
    housebuyers at the cheap end of the market
    | dear, expensive | dead
    We tried cutting through a back road but it was a dead end.

    (figurative) a dead-end job

    | deep, shallow (of a swimming pool)
    (figurative) The company believes in throwing new employees in at the deep end with at the end of the movie.
    | by the ~
    He wants the reports by the end of the month.
    | in the ~
    In the end, they decided to spend the holiday at home.
    | to the ~
    He won't win, but he'll keep fighting to the end.
    | towards the ~
    I was getting bored towards the end of the talk.
    | till/until the ~
    I'm staying until the end of this week. | up to the ~It stayed hot right up to the end of September.
    | ~ to
    What the business community wants is an end to the recession.


    the end of an era
    Her death marks the end of an era.
    | the end of the line/road
    (figurative) The loss of this no training.
    | free, knotted, loose
    Take the free end of the rope and pass it through the hole.contract could signal the end of

    (figurative) The author tied up all the loose ends of the story in the final chapter.

    | west, western, etc.
    the southern end of the lake

    VERB + END

    come to, get to, reach
    Continue until you reach the end of the road.
    | change
    The teams changed ends at half time.


    at the ~
    Turn into Hope Street and our house is right at the end.
    | on ~
    Stand it on end (= upright).


    end of the spectrum
    The two parties represent opposite ends of the political spectrum.
    | (from) end to end
    We walked along the whole promenade, from end to end. They arranged the tables end to end.

    2 last part of sth


    abrupt, sudden | dramatic | early
    The injury brought her career to an early end.
    | fitting
    The award was a fitting end to a distinguished career.

    VERB + END

    come to, get to, reach
    The meeting finally came to an end at six. I'll never get to the end of this book!
    | approach, draw to, near
    As the evening was drawing to an end, the firework display took place.
    | bring (sth to), put
    Talks were in progress to bring an end to the fighting.
    | call for
    call for an end to the violence

    END + VERB

    be in sight
    There's no end in sight to the present crisis.

    END + NOUN

    product, result
    The film's backers were delighted with the end product.


    at an ~
    The proceedings are expected to be at an end by 6 p.m.
    | at the ~
    They get married the line for the shipyard.
    | from beginning to end
    His story was one big lie from beginning to end.
    | to/until the bitter end
    We will fight this court case to the bitter end.

    3 aim/purpose


    beneficial, desirable, worthwhile, worthy | destructive | practical, pragmatic | common
    Despite our differences, we were working to a common end.
    | selfish | commercial, economic, educational, ideological, political, social, utilitarian

    VERB + END

    achieve, further, pursue
    She was prepared to lie in order to achieve her ends.
    | work to


    to … ends
    The money might have been used to more beneficial ends.
    | to this ~
    She wished to have a house built, and to this end she engaged a local architect.


    an end in itself
    For her, travelling had become an end in itself rather than a means of seeing new places.
    | a means to an end
    I don't enjoy studying computing?it's just a means to an end.
    | the end justifies the means
    He defended a morality in which the end justifies the means.
    | to/for your own ends
    She is exploiting the current situation for her own ends.
    | with this end in view
    (= in order to achieve this)

    4 death


    sad, tragic | bad, sticky
    to come to a sticky (= unpleasant, but deserved)end
    | untimely

    VERB + END

    come to, meet
    (literary) He met his end at the Battle of Waterloo.

    END + VERB

    The end came when he collapsed after playing golf.

    Concise English dictionary

    +either extremity of something that has length
    +the point in time at which something ends
    +the concluding parts of an event or occurrence
    +the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it
    +a final part or section
    +a final state
    +the surface at either extremity of a three-dimensional object
    +(football) the person who plays at one end of the line of scrimmage
    +one of two places from which people are communicating to each other
    +a boundary marking the extremities of something
    +the part you are expected to play
    +the last section of a communication
    +a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold
    +a position on the line of scrimmage
    +have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical
    +bring to an end or halt
    +be the end of; be the last or concluding part of
    +put an end to