US: /ˈɛɫəˌveɪtɪd/
UK: /ˈɛlɪvˌe‍ɪtɪd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

elevated /'eliveitid/
  • tính từ
    • cao; cao cả, cao thượng, cao nhã
      • an elevated position: địa vị cao
      • an elevated aim: mục đích cao cả
      • an elevated style: văn cao nhã
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) phấn khởi, phấn chấn; hân hoan, hoan hỉ
    • (thông tục) ngà ngà say, chếnh choáng hơi men
    • danh từ
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) đường sắt (nền) cao

    Advanced English dictionary

    + adjective [usually before noun]
    1 high in rank: an elevated status
    2 (formal) having a high moral or INTELLECTUAL level: elevated language / sentiments / thoughts
    3 higher than the area around; above the level of the ground: The house is in an elevated position, overlooking the town. + an elevated highway / railway / road (= one that runs on a bridge above the ground or street)
    4 (technical) higher than normal: elevated blood pressure

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 raised, upraised, uplifted, lifted (up):
    Only three hands were elevated in opposition and the motion was carried.
    2 uplifted, noble, lofty, high, grand, exalted, dignified, eminent, pre-eminent, ennobled, prominent, notable, illustrious, distinguished, imposing, impressive, sublime:
    He has rather elevated notions of morality.
    3 elated, cheerful, happy, exhilarated, animated, joyful, glad:
    Her elevated spirits and pleasant countenance make her a welcome guest.

    Concise English dictionary

    +give a promotion to or assign to a higher position
    +raise from a lower to a higher position
    +raise in rank or condition