US: /ˈifɛktɪv/, /ɪˈfɛktɪv/
UK: /ɪfˈɛktɪv/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • hữu hiệu, có hiệu quả

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 producing the result that is wanted or intended; producing a successful result: Long prison sentences can be a very effective deterrent for offenders. + Aspirin is a simple but highly effective treatment. + drugs that are effective against cancer + Some people believe that violence is an effective way of protesting. + I admire the effective use of colour in her paintings.
2 [only before noun] in reality, although not officially intended: the effective, if not the actual, leader of the party + In spite of what they are told, parents have no effective choice of schools. + He has now taken effective control of the country.
3 (formal) (of laws and rules) coming into use: The new speed limit on this road becomes effective from 1 June.
effectiveness (also less frequent effectivity ) noun [U]: to check the effectiveness of the security system

Thesaurus dictionary

1 effectual, efficacious, productive; capable, useful, serviceable, competent, operative, able, functional, efficient:
The effective life of the battery is six months.
2 impressive, remarkable, noticeable, conspicuous, outstanding, striking, powerful, compelling, moving, telling, effectual:
The stage setting was very effective.
3 operative, operational, in operation, functioning, real, actual, essential, basic, true:
The monthly interest may seem low, but the effective annual rate is much higher.

Collocation dictionary

1 producing the result you want


be, look, prove, seem | make sth | find sth
We find advertising on the radio very effective.


brilliantly, especially, extremely, highly, particularly, really, remarkably, very
a highly effective technique
| completely, fully, perfectly | increasingly | fairly, moderately, partially, pretty, quite, rather, reasonably | enough
This method is effective enough with greenfly.
| not sufficiently | immediately | potentially | devastatingly, powerfully, surprisingly
Sneezes are devastatingly effective at spreading infection.
| politically
What makes a TV programme politically effective?


effective at keeping out the wind
| in
effective in helping people to stop smoking

2 of laws/rules


be | become | remain


fully | partially | directly, immediately
directly effective treaty provisions
| legally

Concise English dictionary

+producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect
+able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively
+works well as a means or remedy
+exerting force or influence
+existing in fact; not theoretical; real
+ready for service