US: /ˈit/
UK: /ˈiːt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

eat /i:t/
  • động từ ate, eaten
    • ăn; (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) ăn cơm
      • this gaufer eats very crispy: bánh quế này ăn giòn
    • ăn mòn, ăn thủng, làm hỏng
      • acids eat [intio] metals: axit ăn mòn kim loại
      • the moths have eaten holes in my coat: nhậy ăn thủng cái áo choàng của tôi thành lỗ
    • nấu cơm (cho ai)
    • to eat away
      • ăn dần ăn mòn ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
    • to eat up
      • ăn sạch, ăn hết; ngốn ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
    • to eat humble pie
      • (xem) humble
    • to eat one's dinners (terms)
      • học để làm luật sư
    • to eat one's heart out
      • (xem) heart
    • to eat one's words
      • rút lui ý kiến của mình, tự nhiên là sai
    • to eat someone out of house ans home
      • ăn sạt nghiệp ai
    • to be eaten up with pride
      • bị tính kiêu căng hoàn toàn khống chế
    • horse eats its head off
      • ngựa ăn hại chẳng được tích sự gì
    • well, don't eat me!
      • (đùa cợt) này, định ăn thịt tôi à!

Advanced English dictionary

1 to put food in your mouth, chew it and swallow it: [V] I was too nervous to eat. + She doesn't eat sensibly (= doesn't eat food that is good for her). + [VN] I don't eat meat. + Would you like something to eat? + I couldn't eat another thing (= I have had enough food).
2 [V] to have a meal: Where shall we eat tonight? + We ate at a pizzeria in town.
Idioms: eat sb alive (informal)
1 to criticize or punish sb severely because you are extremely angry with them: He'll eat you alive if he ever finds out.
2 to defeat sb completely in an argument, a competition, etc: The defence lawyers are going to eat you alive tomorrow.
3 [usually passive] (of insects, etc.) to bite sb many times: I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
eat your heart out! (spoken) used to compare two things and say that one of them is better: Look at him dance! Eat your heart out, John Travolta (= he dances even better than John Travolta).
eat your heart out (for sb/sth) (especially BrE) to feel very unhappy, especially because you want sb/sth you cannot have: I'm not going to mope at home, eating my heart out for some man.
eat humble pie (BrE) (AmE eat crow) to say and show that you are sorry for a mistake that you made
ORIGIN From a pun on the old word umbles, meaning 'offal', which was considered inferior food.
eat like a horse (informal) to eat a lot: She may be thin, but she eats like a horse.
eat out of your / sb's hand to trust sb and be willing to do what they say: She'll have them eating out of her hand in no time.
eat sb out of house and home (informal, often humorous) to eat a lot of sb else's food: How much longer is he staying? He's eating us out of house and home.
eat your words to admit that what you said was wrong
I could eat a horse (spoken) used to say that you are very hungry
I'll eat my hat (spoken) used to say that you think sth is very unlikely to happen: If she's here on time, I'll eat my hat!
what's eating him, etc.? (spoken) used to ask what sb is annoyed or worried about
more at CAKE n., DOG n.
Phrasal Verbs: eat sth<->away to reduce or destroy sth gradually: The coastline is being eaten away year by year.
eat away at sth/sb
1 to reduce or destroy sth gradually: Woodworm had eaten away at the door frame. + His constant criticism ate away at her self-confidence.
2 to worry sb over a period of time: The thought of her child left helpless and alone ate away at her.
eat into sth
1 to use up a part of sth, especially sb's money or time: Those repair bills have really eaten into my savings.
2 to destroy or damage the surface of sth: Rust had eaten into the metal.
eat out to have a meal in a restaurant, etc. rather than at home: Do you feel like eating out tonight?
eat up
eat sth<->up to eat all of sth: Eat up! We've got to go out soon. + Come on. Eat up your potatoes.
eat sb up [usually passive] to fill sb with a particular emotion so that they cannot think of anything else: She was eaten up by regrets.
eat sth<->up to use sth in large quantities: Legal costs had eaten up all the savings she had.

Thesaurus dictionary

dine, lunch, breakfast, sup, break bread, snack, have a bite; consume, devour, take (in) nourishment, Colloq put or pack away, Slang nosh, put or tie on the nosebag or US and Canadian feed-bag:
I'm not hungry, thank you: I've already eaten.

Collocation dictionary


We ate very well most of the time (= had lots of nice food).
| healthily, properly, sensibly
trying to eat more healthily He had not eaten properly for days. She doesn't eat sensibly (= doesn't eat food that is good for her).
| hungrily | sparingly
Barton did not feel very hungry and ate sparingly.
| up
Come on, eat up your lunch.


get yourself sth to, find sth to, have sth to
Have you got anything to eat?
| have enough to | try and/to
Try and eat something. It will do you good.


eat and drink
Go and get yourself something to eat and drink.
| eat like a horse
(= eat a lot)She's very thin but she eats like a horse!

Concise English dictionary

+take in solid food
+eat a meal; take a meal
+take in food; used of animals only
+use up (resources or materials)
+worry or cause anxiety in a persistent way
+cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid