US: /ˈiɹ/, /ˈɪɹ/
UK: /ˈi‍ə/

English Vietnamese dictionary

ear /iə/
  • danh từ
    • tai
      • to pick up (to cock) one's ears: vểnh tai lên (để nghe)
    • vật hình tai (quai, bình đựng nước...)
    • tai (bông), sự nghe, khả năng nghe
      • to have (keep) a sensitive ear; to have sharp ears: thính tai
      • a fine ear for music: tai sành nhạc
    • to be all ears
      • lắng tai nghe
    • to be over head and ears in; to be head over in
      • (xem) head
    • to bring hornet' nest about one's ears
      • (xem) hornet
    • to get someone up on his ears
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) làm ai phật ý, làm ai nổi cáu
    • to give (lend an) ear to
      • lắng nghe
    • to give someone a thick ear
      • cho ai một cái bạt tai
    • to go in at one ear and out at the other
      • vào tai này ra tai kia
    • to have (gain) someone's ear
      • được ai sẵn sàng lắng nghe
    • to keep one's ear open for
      • sẵn sàng nghe
    • to send somebody away a flen in his ear
      • làm cho ai tiu nghỉu (vì từ chối cái gì, vì khiển trách)
    • to set by the ears
      • (xem) set
    • to turn a sympathetic (ready) ear to someone's request
      • lắng nghe lời yêu cầu của ai với thái độ thiện cảm
    • walls have ears
      • tai vách mạch dừng
    • a word in someone's ears
      • lời rỉ tai ai
    • would give one's ears for something (to get something)
      • (xem) give
  • danh từ
    • bông (lúa...)
      • rice in the ear: lúa trổ (bông)
  • nội động từ
    • trổ bông (lúa...)

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [C] either of the organs on the sides of the head that you hear with: an ear infection + the inner / outer ear + She whispered something in his ear. + He put his hands over his ears. + She's had her ears pierced. + The elephant flapped its ears. + He was always there with a sympathetic ear (= a willingness to listen to people). + (BrE) She gave him a clip round the ear (= hit him on the head because of sth he had done).
2 (-eared) (in adjectives) having the type of ears mentioned: a long-eared owl
3 [sing.] an ability to recognize and copy sounds well: She has always had an ear for languages. + You need a good ear to master the piano.
4 [C] the top part of a grain plant, such as wheat, that contains the seeds: ears of corn
Idioms: be all ears (informal) to be waiting with interest to hear what sb has to say: 'Do you know what he said?' 'Go on-I'm all ears.'
be out on your ear (informal) to be forced to leave (a job, etc.)
be up to your ears in sth to have a lot of sth to deal with: We're up to our ears in work.
sth comes to / reaches sb's ears somebody hears about sth, especially when other people already know about it: News of his affair eventually reached her ears.
sb's ears are burning a person thinks that other people are talking about them, especially in an unkind way: 'I bumped into your ex-wife last night.' 'I thought I could feel my ears burning!'
sb's ears are flapping (BrE, informal) a person is trying to listen to sb else's conversation
go in one ear and out the other (informal) (of information, etc.) to be forgotten quickly: Everything I tell them just goes in one ear and out the other.
have sb's ear
have the ear of sb to be able to give sb advice, influence them, etc. because they trust you: He had the ear of the monarch.
keep / have an / your ear to the ground to make sure that you always find out about the most recent developments in a particular situation: The agent had no suitable properties on his books but promised to keep an ear to the ground for us.
play (sth) by ear to play music by remembering how it sounds rather than by reading it
play it by ear (informal) to decide how to deal with a situation as it develops rather than by having a plan to follow: I'm not sure how many people are expected-we'll just have to play it by ear. + I don't know what they'll want when they arrive-we'll have to play it by ear.
shut / close your ears to sth to refuse to listen to sth: She decided to shut her ears to all the rumours.
smile / grin / beam from ear to ear to be smiling, etc. a lot because you are very pleased about sth
with half an ear without giving your full attention to what is being said, etc.
more at BELIEVE, BEND v., BOX n., BOX v., COCK v., DEAF adj., EASY adj., FEEL v., FLEA, LEND, MUSIC, OPEN adj., PIG n., PRICK v., RING v., SILK, THICK adj., WALL n., WET adj., WORD n.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 attention, heed, notice, regard, consideration:
See if you can get his ear for a moment between meetings.
2 sensitivity, appreciation, taste, discrimination:
She has an excellent ear for the right expression.

Collocation dictionary

1 part of the body


left, right | inner, middle, outer | big, large | long
a rabbit with long floppy ears
| pointed/pointy | floppy | torn
Blood from his torn ear was soaking his collar.
| sharp
His sharp ears had picked up the uncertainty in her voice.
| trained
To the trained ear the calls of these birds sound quite different.
| listening
In the silence everyone seemed to be aware of listening ears.
| receptive, sympathetic
She did not like the scheme, as she made clear every time she found a receptive ear (= sb willing to listen). The counsellor provided a sympathetic ear for students with problems.


He plugged his ears with tissue paper to drown out the music.
| close, shut, stop
At first I stopped my ears to what I did not want to hear.
| strain
I strained my ears to catch the conversation in the other room.
| prick up
The dog pricked up its ears.
| flatten, lay back, put back
A horse may show annoyance by putting its ears back.
| pierce
I've just had my ears pierced so I'm going to buy some earrings.
| syringe
He could hear much better after having his ears syringed.
| echo in, ring in
The voices buzzing all around echoed in her ears. He went home with the teacher's warning ringing in his ears.
| hiss in, whisper (sth) in | reach
If news of the break-in reaches the boss's ears, we're in trouble.


hear sth, pick sth up
When the notes are played so close together the ear hears no space between them.
| prick (up), twitch
His ears pricked up when he heard his name mentioned.
| be alert
He waited in the darkness, his ears alert for the slightest sound.
| strain
She stood outside the room, her ears straining to hear what they were saying.
| pop
If you suck a sweet as the plane takes off it stops your ears popping.
| ring
The explosion set my ears ringing and even made me jump a bit.


canal, drum, lobe | infection | plug, protector | flap, muffs
She put on her ear muffs and went out into the snow.
| wax


in your ~
‘Taxi?’ said a voice in my ear.


beam/grin/smile from ear to ear, can't believe your ears
She actually apologized. I couldn't believe my ears!
| (drop/have) a word in sb's ear
Drop a quiet word in her ear about it before it's too late.
| fall on deaf ears
Their complaints about the poor service fell on deaf ears (= were ignored).
| for sb's ears alone
I have a few words for your ears alone.
| keep your ears open
I'll keep my ears open for a second-hand bike for you.
| music to sb's ears
He arrived home hungry, and the noise of saucepans from the kitchen was music to his ears.
| turn a deaf ear to sth
The teacher turned a deaf ear to the boy's swearing (= ignored it).
| with half an ear
He listened to her with only half an ear as he watched TV.

2 ability to recognize sounds


fine, good




by ~
She usually plays the guitar by ear, rather than reading the music.
| ~ for
He has a good ear for accents and can usually tell where a speaker comes from.

Concise English dictionary

+the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
+good hearing
+the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear
+attention to what is said
+fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn