US: /ˈdəɫ/
UK: /dˈʌl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

dull /dʌl/
  • tính từ
    • chậm hiểu, tối dạ, ngu đần, đần độn
    • không tinh, mờ (mắt); không thính, nghễnh ngãng (tai)
      • to be dull of ear: nghễnh ngãng; tai nghe không thính
    • vô tri vô giác (vật)
      • dull stones: những hòn đá vô tri vô giác
    • cùn (dao...)
    • đục, mờ đục, xỉn, xám xịt
      • dull colour: màu xám, xám xịt lại
      • dull light: ánh sang mờ đục
    • cảm thấy lờ mờ, cảm thấy không rõ rệt, âm ỉ
      • dull pain: đau âm ỉ
    • thẫn thờ, uể oải, chậm chạp (người, vật)
    • ứ đọng, trì chậm, bán không chạy, ế
      • dull goods: hàng bán không chạy, hàng ế
      • dull trade: việc buôn bán trì chậm
    • đều đều, buồn tẻ, chán ngắt, tẻ ngắt, buồn nản
      • a dull life: cuộc sống buồn tẻ
      • a dull sermon: bài thuyết giáo chán ngắt
      • to feet dull: cảm thấy buồn nản
    • tối tăm, âm u, u ám, ảm đạm
      • dull weather: tiết trời u ám
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm ngu đàn, làm đần dộn
    • làm cùn
    • làm mờ đi, làm mờ đục, làm xỉn
    • làm âm ỉ, làm đỡ nhức nhối, làm đỡ nhói (cơn đau)
    • làm buồn nản
    • làm tối tăm, làm u ám, làm ảm đạm
    • nội động từ
      • hoá ngu đần, đần độn
      • cùn đi
      • mờ đi, mờ đục, xỉn đi
      • âm ỉ, đỡ nhức nhối, đỡ đau (cơn đau)
      • tối sầm lại, thành u ám, thành ảm đạm

    Advanced English dictionary

    adjective, verb
    + adjective (duller, dullest)
    1 not interesting or exciting: Life in a small town could be deadly dull. + The countryside was flat, dull and uninteresting. + The first half of the game was pretty dull. + There's never a dull moment when John's around.
    light / colours
    2 not bright or shiny: a dull colour / glow + dull, lifeless hair + Her eyes were dull with dark shadows beneath them.
    3 not clear or loud: The gates shut behind him with a dull thud.
    4 not bright, with a lot of clouds: It was a dull, grey day.
    5 not very severe, but continuous: a dull ache / pain
    6 slow in understanding
    Synonym: STUPID
    a dull pupil / class / mind
    7 (especially AmE) not busy; slow: Don't sell into a dull market.
    dullness noun [U]: the dullness of modern architecture
    dully adverb: 'I suppose so,' she said dully. + His leg ached dully.
    Idioms: (as) dull as ditchwater (BrE) (AmE (as) dull as dishwater) extremely boring: I always found history as dull as ditchwater.
    + verb
    1 (of pain or an emotion) to become or be made weaker or less severe: [VN] The tablets they gave him dulled the pain for a while. [also V]
    2 [VN] (written) to make a person slower or less lively: He felt dulled and stupid with sleep.
    colours, sounds
    3 to become or to make sth less bright, clean or sharp: [V] His eyes dulled and he slumped to the ground. + [VN] The endless rain seemed to dull all sound.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 stupid, slow-witted, dense, stolid, bovine, cloddish, clod-like, backward, obtuse, doltish, crass, dumb, Colloq thick, dim, dim-witted, Brit dim as a Toc H lamp:
    He might be a dull student but he's a brilliant artist.
    2 insensitive, numb, insensible, imperceptive or impercipient, unresponsive, indifferent, unfeeling, unsympathetic, callous, hardened, hard, inured, obtundent:
    He knew that he could expect only a dull response to his pleading.
    3 lifeless, indifferent, unresponsive, sluggish, slow, listless, inactive, torpid:
    The market for luxury cars is a little dull now.
    4 boring, tiresome, tedious, monotonous, uninspired, uninspiring, unoriginal, uninteresting, humdrum:
    All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.
    5 dismal, dreary, depressing, sombre, grey, dark, murky, gloomy, cloudy, clouded, overcast, sunless:
    If the day is dull, the photographs will show it.
    6 blunted, blunt; obtuse:
    I nicked myself with that dull razor.
    7 hazy, blurry, opaque, drab:
    Rub the dull film off that silver goblet.
    8 muffled, numbing, deadened, muted, indistinct:
    I've had a dull pain in my arm all day.
    9 allay, assuage, relieve, mitigate, lessen, reduce:
    Weeping dulls the inner pain.
    10 dim, tarnish, obscure, bedim, blur, cloud, becloud:
    A mist dulled the rich colours of the glen.
    11 stupefy, narcotize, numb, benumb, desensitize, deaden, blunt, obtund:
    His war experiences had dulled his feelings towards others.

    Collocation dictionary


    appear, be, look, seem, sound | become, get
    The work gets a bit dull at times.
    | make sth
    The long lectures made the afternoon dull.
    | find sth


    deadly, extremely, stupefyingly, very
    The film was long and deadly dull.
    | a bit, a little, fairly, pretty, rather, somewhat | disappointingly

    Concise English dictionary

    +make dull in appearance
    +become dull or lusterless in appearance; lose shine or brightness
    +deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping
    +make numb or insensitive
    +make dull or blunt
    +become less interesting or attractive
    +make less lively or vigorous
    +lacking in liveliness or animation
    +emitting or reflecting very little light
    +being or made softer or less loud or clear
    +so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness
    +(of color) very low in saturation; highly diluted
    +not keenly felt
    +slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity
    +(of business) not active or brisk
    +not having a sharp edge or point
    +blunted in responsiveness or sensibility
    +not clear and resonant; sounding as if striking with or against something relatively soft
    +darkened with overcast