US: /ˈdɑmənəns/
UK: /dˈɒmɪnəns/

English Vietnamese dictionary

dominance /'dɔminəns/
  • danh từ
    • thế hơn, thế trội hơn, ưu thế
    • thế thống trị, địa vị; địa vị thống trị

Collocation dictionary


clear, complete, overwhelming, total | growing, increasing | cultural, economic, military, political, territorial | market | male


achieve, assert, assume, establish, exert, gain
The firm soon achieved complete dominance in the marketplace.
| have, maintain, retain
The firm is determined to maintain dominance in the market.
| challenge, undermine
Ex-colonial countries began to challenge the cultural dominance of Europe.


~ in
black American dominance in heavyweight boxing
| ~ over
He asserted his dominance over the other party members.