US: /dɪˈvoʊʃən/
UK: /dɪvˈə‍ʊʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

devotion /di'vouʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự hết lòng, sự tận tâm, sự tận tình, sự tận tuỵ, sự thành tâm
    • sự hiến dâng, sự hiến thân
    • lòng mộ đạo, lòng sùng đạo; sự sùng bái
    • (số nhiều) lời cầu nguyện; kinh cầu nguyện

Advanced English dictionary

1 [U, sing.] great love, care and support for sb/sth: His devotion to his wife and family is touching.
2 [U, sing.] the action of spending a lot of time or energy on sth: devotion to duty / a cause + Her devotion to the job left her with very little free time.
3 (devotions) [pl.] prayers and other religious practices

Thesaurus dictionary

1 devotedness, devoutness, reverence; earnestness, religiousness, piety, religiosity, pietism, godliness, holiness, spirituality, sanctity; worship, prayer, observance, ritual:
The sect was noted for its devotion to martyrs and their relics. It is gratifying to see such devotion amongst the younger members of the congregation. They interrupted the holy man at his devotions.
2 dedication, consecration, attachment, loyalty, devotedness:
His devotion to duty will be remembered by his fellow soldiers.
3 zeal, ardour, fervour, ardency, intensity, fanaticism, eagerness, enthusiasm, earnestness, readiness, willingness; love, passion, infatuation, fondness, affection, attachment, adherence, loyalty, allegiance:
They would dedicate themselves with slavish devotion to some brutal master.

Collocation dictionary


deep, enormous | great | fanatical, intense, passionate, single-minded
Their single-minded devotion to the care of the dying was admirable.
| total
her total devotion to her husband
| selfless | blind, dog-like
He was mocked for his dog-like devotion to his boss.
| lifelong, undying
his lifelong devotion to his work
| mutual
a marriage rooted in mutual devotion and trust
| religious
a man of deep religious devotion




with ~
He cared for his mother with great devotion.
| ~ to
They showed great devotion to each other.


devotion to duty
The judge praised the firefighters for their bravery and devotion to duty.
| devotion to the cause
She will be remembered for her selfless devotion to the cause of the poor.
| an object of devotion
The statue of the emperor became an object of devotion.

Concise English dictionary

+feelings of ardent love
+commitment to some purpose
+religious zeal; the willingness to serve God
+(usually plural) religious observance or prayers (usually spoken silently)