US: /dɪˈvaɪs/
UK: /dɪvˈa‍ɪs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

device /di'vais/
  • danh từ
    • phương sách, phương kế; chước mưu
    • vật sáng chế ra (để dùng vào mục đích gì); thiết bị, dụng cụ, máy móc
      • a control device: dụng cụ điều khiển
      • an electronic device: dụng cụ điện tử
    • hình vẽ; hình trang trí; hình tương trưng
    • châm ngôn; đề từ
    • to leave someone to his own devices
      • để mặc cho ai tự xoay sở lo liệu lấy

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 an object or a piece of equipment that has been designed to do a particular job: a water-saving device + This portable device enables deaf people to telephone the hospital by typing a message instead of speaking. + electrical labour-saving devices around the home
2 a bomb or weapon that will explode: A powerful device exploded outside the station. + the world's first atomic device
3 a method of doing sth that produces a particular result or effect: Sending advertising by mail is very successful as a marketing device.
4 a plan or trick that is used to get sth that sb wants: The report was a device used to hide rather than reveal problems.
Idioms: leave sb to their own devices to leave sb alone to do as they wish, and not tell them what to do

Collocation dictionary


clever, ingenious | labour-saving, useful | complex, sophisticated | simple | hi-tech | hand-held | automatic, electrical, electronic, mechanical | bugging, contraceptive, measuring, safety, timing, warning
Police found several bugging devices in the room.
| explosive, incendiary
An incendiary device exploded in the store, setting fire to furniture.


be fitted with, have
All new cars are now fitted with these safety devices.
| design, develop, make | use
He measured the room using an ingenious new electronic device.


consist of sth
The device consists of a large wheel mounted on a metal post.
| be designed to
a tiny device designed to trace telephone calls
| work
The device worked exactly as I'd hoped.


~ for
a useful device for checking electrical circuits

Concise English dictionary

+an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose
+something in an artistic work designed to achieve a particular effect
+any clever maneuver
+any ornamental pattern or design (as in embroidery)
+an emblematic design (especially in heraldry)