US: /ˈdɛzəɡˌneɪt/, /ˈdɛzɪɡˌneɪt/
UK: /dˈɛzɪɡnˌe‍ɪt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

designate /'dezignit/
  • tính từ (đặt sau danh từ)
    • được chỉ định, được bổ nhiệm (nhưng chưa chính thức nhận chức)
      • ambassador designate: đại sứ mới được chỉ định (nhưng chưa trình quốc thư)
  • ngoại động từ
    • chỉ rõ, định rõ
    • chọn lựa, chỉ định, bổ nhiệm
      • to designate someone as...: chỉ định ai làm...
    • đặt tên, gọi tên, mệnh danh
      • to designate someone by the name off...: đặt (gọi) tên ai là...

Advanced English dictionary

verb, adjective
+ verb [often passive]
1 ~ sth (as) sth
~ sth (as being sth) to say officially that sth has a particular character or name; to describe sth in a particular way: [VN-N] This area has been designated (as) a National Park. + This floor has been designated a no-smoking area. + In 1992, Birmingham was designated (as) the UK City of Music. + [VN] Several pupils were designated as having moderate or severe learning difficulties. + a designated nature reserve + designated seats for the elderly
2 ~ sb (as) sth to choose or name sb for a particular job or position: [VN] The director is allowed to designate his / her successor. + [VN-N] Who has she designated (as) her deputy? + [VN to inf] the man designated to succeed the president
3 [VN] to show sth using a particular mark or sign: The different types are designated by the letters A, B and C.
+ adjective [after noun] (written) chosen to do a job but not yet having officially started it: an interview with the director designate

Thesaurus dictionary

1 indicate, specify, pinpoint, particularize, delineate, point out, identify, state, set forth, write or put down, name:
You should designate your heirs in your will.
2 appoint, nominate, name, identify, denominate, select, pick, choose, elect, assign, appropriate, delegate, depute:
She has not yet designated her successor.
3 mean, stand for, symbolize, denote, represent:
The Greek letter pi designates the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
4 call, name, style, term, label, christen, dub, nickname, entitle:
Elvis was publicly designated 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll'.

Collocation dictionary


formally, officially
The area has now been formally designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
| specially | clearly


These areas have been specially designated for children.

Concise English dictionary

+assign a name or title to
+give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)
+decree or designate beforehand
+design or destine
+appointed but not yet installed in office