US: /dɪsˈkɹɪpʃən/
UK: /dɪskɹˈɪpʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

description /dis'kripʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự tả, sự diễn tả, sự mô tả, sự miêu tả
      • beyond description: không thể tả được
    • diện mạo, tướng mạo, hình dạng
    • sự vạch, sự vẽ (hình)
    • (thông tục) hạng, loại
      • books of every description: sách đủ các loại
      • a person of such description: người thuộc hạng như thế ấy
    • nghề nghiệp, công tác (ở hộ chiếu, giấy chứng minh...)

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [C, U] (of sb/sth) a piece of writing or speech that says what sb/sth is like; the act of writing or saying in words what sb/sth is like: to give a detailed / full description of the procedure + a brief / general description of the software + Police have issued a description of the gunman. + 'Scared stiff' is an apt description of how I felt at that moment. + a personal pain that goes beyond description (= is too great to express in words) + the novelist's powers of description
2 [C] of some, all, every, etc. of some, etc. type: boats of every description / all descriptions + Their money came from trade of some description. + medals, coins and things of that description
Idioms: answer / fit a description (of sb/sth) to be like a particular person or thing: A child answering the description of the missing boy was found safe and well in London yesterday.
more at BEGGAR v.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 portrayal, characterization, depiction, (thumbnail) sketch, portrait:
Her description of her boss was far from flattering.
2 account, narrative, story, report, representation, statement, definition; explanation, commentary; chronicle, history, record, narration; memoir:
I want your detailed description of what led up to the argument.
3 sort, kind, nature, character, type, variety, brand, breed, species, category, genus, ilk, genre, class; stripe, kidney, feather:
Carstairs is a roué of the worst description.

Collocation dictionary


complete, comprehensive, detailed, full
The catalogue gives a full description of each product.
| accurate, apt, exact, excellent, fair, fitting, good, perfect
‘Like a fish out of water’ was an apt description of how I felt in my new job.
| vivid
a vivid description of life in Ancient Rome
| graphic, lurid
She gave us a lurid description of the birth.
| lengthy, long | brief, short | basic, simple | vague | objective
A report is generally an objective description rather than a statement of opinion.
| physical | job
There was no mention of any cleaning in my job description.


give (sb), issue, provide (sb with)
Police have issued a description of the gunman. She was able to provide a description of the intruder.
| fit
A man fitting your description was seen entering the building.
| beggar, defy
His face was so odd that it defies description.


apply to sb, fit sb
I realized to my horror that the description of the killer fitted me.

Concise English dictionary

+a statement that represents something in words
+the act of describing something
+sort or variety