US: /dɪˈnaɪ/
UK: /dɪnˈa‍ɪ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

deny /di'nai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • từ chối, phản đối, phủ nhận
      • to deny the truth: phủ nhận sự thật
      • to deny a charge: phản đối một lời buộc tội
    • chối, không nhận
      • to deny one's signature: chối không nhận chữ ký của mình
    • từ chối, không cho (ai cái gì)
      • to deny food to the enemy: chặn không cho địch tiếp tế lương thực, chặn nguồn tiếp tế của địch
      • to deny oneself: nhịn, chịu thiếu, nhịn ăn nhịn mặc
    • báo là (ai) không có nhà; không cho gặp mặt (ai)

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb (denies, denying, denied, denied)
1 to say that sth is not true: [VN] to deny a claim / a charge / an accusation + The spokesman refused either to confirm or deny the reports. + There's no denying (the fact) that quicker action could have saved them. + [V -ing] He denies attempting to murder his wife. + [V (that)] She denied (that) there had been any cover-up. + [VN that] It can't be denied that we need to devote more resources to this problem.
2 [VN] to refuse to admit or accept sth: She denied all knowledge of the incident. + The department denies responsibility for what occurred.
3 ~ sth (to sb)
~ (sb) (sth) (formal) to refuse to allow sb to have sth that they want or ask for: [VNN, VN] They were denied access to the information. + Access to the information was denied to them.
4 [VN] ~ yourself (sth) (formal) to refuse to let yourself have sth that you would like to have, especially for moral or religious reasons
deny v.
denial n.
undeniable adj.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 contradict, gainsay, refute, controvert, disaffirm, disclaim, confute, negate, dispute:
She denies ever having met the defendant.
2 reject, refuse, withhold, forbid, turn down, decline, disallow; recall, revoke, recant:
He asserts that his right to counsel was denied.
3 disavow, repudiate, renounce, disown, forswear, disclaim:
The witch-doctor demanded sacrifices, saying that the angry gods would not be denied.

Collocation dictionary

1 say sth is not true


emphatically, fiercely, firmly, hotly, strenuously, strongly, vehemently, vigorously
Both women vehemently deny the charges against them.
| angrily, indignantly | categorically, flatly
He has categorically denied being involved in the fraud.
| explicitly, expressly | implicitly | formally | publicly | immediately, promptly | simply
If anyone accuses me I shall simply deny it.
| consistently, repeatedly
He has consistently denied murdering his estranged wife.


You can't deny that it seems a very attractive idea.
| try to
I know it was you I saw, so there's no use trying to deny it.


no one could/would deny that
No one would deny that there is a very great need for change.
| there is no denying sth
There is no denying the fact that she is an excellent scholar.

2 refuse sb sth


They were cruelly denied victory by an injury-time strike from Owen.
| effectively
Children could be compelled to work on the farm, effectively denying them schooling.


You cannot deny this opportunity to me.

Concise English dictionary

+declare untrue; contradict
+refuse to accept or believe
+refuse to grant, as of a petition or request
+refuse to let have
+deny oneself (something); restrain, especially from indulging in some pleasure
+deny formally (an allegation of fact by the opposing party) in a legal suit
+refuse to recognize or acknowledge