US: /dɪˈnoʊt/
UK: /dɪnˈə‍ʊt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

denote /di'nout/
  • ngoại động từ
    • biểu hiện, biểu thị, chứng tỏ, chỉ rõ
      • a face that denotes energy: bộ mặt biểu hiện nghị lực
    • có nghĩa là
    • bao hàm (nghĩa)
      • the word "white" denotes all white things as snow, papaer, foam...: từ "trắng" bao hàm tất cả những vật trắng như tuyết, giấy, bọt...

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb (formal)
1 to be a sign of sth
[VN] A very high temperature often denotes a serious illness. [also V that]
2 to mean sth
[VN] In this example 'X' denotes the time taken and 'Y' denotes the distance covered. + The red triangle denotes danger. + Here 'family' denotes mother, father and children. [also V wh-]
Compare: CONNOTE

Thesaurus dictionary

1 indicate, specify, designate, distinguish, signify, mark, note:
Hypothetical linguistic forms are denoted by an asterisk.
2 mean, name, symbolize, represent, betoken:
The word mother denotes 'female parent', but its connotations are far more extensive.

Concise English dictionary

+be a sign or indication of
+have as a meaning
+make known; make an announcement