US: /ˈdɛɫəkəsi/, /ˈdɛɫɪkəsi/
UK: /dˈɛlɪkəsi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

delicacy /'delikəsi/
  • danh từ
    • sự duyên dáng, sự thanh nhã, sự thanh tao; vẻ thanh tú
      • delicacy of features: vẻ duyên dáng thanh tú của nét mặt
    • sự yếu đuối, sự mỏng manh; trạng thái mảnh khảnh, trạng thái mảnh dẻ
      • delicacy of health: sức khoẻ mỏng manh
    • sự tinh vi, sự tinh xảo, sự tinh tế, sự khéo léo; sự nhẹ nhàng; sự mềm mại
      • to play the violin with a delicacy of touch: chơi viôlông với những ngón tay vuốt dây mềm mại
    • sự tế nhị, sự khó xử
      • a position of extreme delicacy: hoàn cảnh hết sức khó xử
      • diplomatic negotiation of great delicacy: những cuộc thương lượng ngoại giao hết sức tế nhị
    • sự lịch thiệp, sự nhã nhặn
    • tính nhạy cảm, tính dễ xúc cảm (người...); tính nhạy (cân, la bàn...)
    • đồ ăn ngon, đồ ăn quý, cao lương mỹ vị
      • table delicacies: món ăn ngon

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (plural delicacies)
1 [U] the quality of being, or appearing to be, easy to damage or break: the delicacy of the fabric + Her skin had the delicacy of a flower.
2 [U] the quality of being done carefully and gently: the delicacy of his touch
3 [U] very careful behaviour in a difficult situation so that nobody is offended: She handled the situation with great sensitivity and delicacy.
4 [U] the fact that a situation is difficult and sb may be easily offended: I need to talk to you about a matter of some delicacy.
5 [C] a type of food considered to be very special in a particular place: local delicacies + Dr Jaffrey handed us a plate of dates:
traditionally the delicacy with which to break the Ramadan fast.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 fineness, exquisiteness, gracefulness, beauty, lightness, daintiness:
Notice the delicacy of the tracery in the rose window.
2 fragility, fragileness, frailty, frailness, weakness, infirmity, feebleness, tenderness; susceptibility:
Because of the delicacy of his constitution, even a cold might be fatal.
3 sensitivity, difficulty, ticklishness, finesse, nicety, sensibility:
The delicacy of the situation demands the utmost diplomacy.
4 luxury, sweetmeat, dainty, titbit or US tidbit, savoury:
The table was laden with delicacies from all over the world.

Collocation dictionary

1 rare and expensive type of food


great | exotic, rare | local
Have you tried any of the local delicacies?


be considered
The eggs of this bird are considered a great delicacy.
| sample, try

2 care and sensitivity/requiring care and sensitivity


extreme, great, utmost
He handled the situation with extreme delicacy.


with ~
These objects are very old and should be treated with great delicacy.


a matter of (some) delicacy

3 lightness and gentleness


the exquisite delicacy of the embroidery

Concise English dictionary

+the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance
+something considered choice to eat
+refined taste; tact
+smallness of stature
+lack of physical strength
+subtly skillful handling of a situation
+lightness in movement or manner