US: /dɪˈdəkʃən/
UK: /dɪdˈʌkʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

deduction /di'dʌkʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự lấy đi, sự khấu đi, sự trừ đi
    • sự suy ra, sự luận ra, sự suy luận, sự suy diễn
    • điều suy luận

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U, C] the process of using information you have in order to understand a particular situation or to find the answer to a problem: He arrived at the solution by a simple process of deduction. + If my deductions are correct, I can tell you who the killer was. + We can examine the bones of dinosaurs and make deductions about how they lived.
See also - DEDUCE
Compare: INDUCTION (3)
2 [U, C] the process of taking an amount of sth, especially money, away from a total; the amount that is taken away: deductions from your pay for tax, pension contributions, etc. + tax deductions

Thesaurus dictionary

1 subtraction, diminution, decrease, reduction, withdrawal, removal, abstraction:
After deductions for expenses, you'll be left with nothing.
2 conclusion, inference, finding, reasoning, result:
After considering the evidence, my deduction is that the butler didn't do it.

Collocation dictionary

1 working things out from the facts


brilliant | logical | reasonable




by ~
She arrived at this conclusion by logical deduction.
| ~ about
We can make some deductions about the history of the ruins.


powers of deduction
a detective with excellent powers of deduction
| a process of deduction
She arrived at the solution by a simple process of deduction.

2 taking an amount from a total/the amount taken


monthly, weekly
monthly deductions for health insurance
| tax


The company automatically makes tax deductions from your salary.


~ for
deductions for travel costs
| ~ from
deductions from his wages