US: /ˈdætə/, /ˈdeɪtə/
UK: /dˈe‍ɪtɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • (máy tính) số liệu, dữ kiện, dữ liệu
  • all or none d. dữ kiện lưỡng phân
  • ana logue d. số liệu liên tục
  • basal d. dữ kiện cơ sở
  • coded d. dữ kiện mã hoá
  • correction d. bảng hiệu chỉnh
  • cumulative d. tk số liệu tích luỹ
  • experimental d. số liệu thực nghiệm
  • graph d. số liệu đồ thị
  • initial d.(máy tính) dữ kiện [ban đầu, khởi thuỷ ]
  • input d. dữ liệu vào
  • integrated d. (thống kê) các số liẹu gộp
  • numerical d. (máy tính) dữ liệu bằng số
  • observed d. số liệu quan sát
  • qualitative d.(thống kê) dữ kiện định tính
  • randomly fluctuating d. (máy tính) dữ kiện thay đổi ngẫu nhiên
  • ranked d. k dữ kiện được xếp hạng
  • refereence d. dữ kiện tham khảo, số liệu tham khảo
  • sensitivity d. dữ kiện nhạy
  • tabular d. dữ kiện dạng bảng
  • test d. số liệu thực nghiệm

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (used as a plural noun in technical English, when the singular is datum)
1 [U, pl.] facts or information, especially when examined and used to find out things or to make decisions: This data was collected from 69 countries. + the analysis / interpretation of the data + raw data (= that has not been analysed) + demographical / historical / personal data + (technical) These data show that most cancers are detected as a result of clinical follow-up.
2 [U] information that is stored by a computer: data capture / retrieval (= ways of storing or finding information on a computer)

Thesaurus dictionary

facts, information, statistics, figures, details, matter, observations, material(s); text; evidence:
We shall process the data on the computer and print out the results.

Collocation dictionary


accurate, reliable | comprehensive, detailed, extensive | raw
We have amassed the raw data and are about to begin analysing it.
| factual, hard
There is no hard data to support these theories.
| empirical, experimental, numerical, observational, scientific, statistical | demographic, environmental, financial, geological, historical, technical


item, piece
One vital item of data was missing from the table.
| mass, set
Special software is needed to manipulate the mass of data. Although we were using the same set of data, we obtained different results.


acquire, amass, capture, collect, gather, get, obtain
We need to collect more data before we can do any more work.
| enter, feed in | have, hold, record, store
They are not allowed to hold data on people's private finances.
| access, retrieve | analyse, examine, interpret, look at, study | handle, manage, manipulate, process
The computer can manipulate massive amounts of data.
| exchange, share, transfer | present (sb with) | provide (sb with)
The government departments refused to provide the data that we required.


be derived from sth
The data derived from this project has vastly increased our knowledge of how genes work.
| indicate sth, reflect sth, show sth, suggest sth
Data indicates that most crime is committed by young males. This data reflects the magnitude of the problem.
| support sth


acquisition, capture, collection | entry, input | storage | access, retrieval | analysis, handling, management, manipulation, processing | exchange, interchange, transfer, transmission | protection, security | source | archive, bank
file | system


in the ~
We have found some very interesting things in the data.
| ~ about
Data about patients is only released with their permission.
| ~ for
We have no data for southern Spain.
| ~ from
My aim is to synthesize data from all the surveys.
| ~ on
data on the effects of pollution


the acquisition/handling/storage, etc. of data, a source of data

Concise English dictionary

+a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
+an item of factual information derived from measurement or research