US: /ˈdæmədʒ/, /ˈdæmɪdʒ/
UK: /dˈæmɪd‍ʒ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

damage /'dæmidʤ/
  • danh từ
    • mối hại, điều hại, điều bất lợi
    • sự thiệt hại
      • to cause great damage to...: gây nhiều thiệt hại cho...
    • (số nhiều) tiền bồi thường thiệt hại; tiền bồi thường tai nạn
      • to bring an action of damages against somebody: kiện ai đòi bồi thường thiệt hại
    • (từ lóng) giá tiền
      • what's the damage?: giá bao nhiêu?
  • ngoại động từ+ (endamage)/in'dæmidʤ/
    • làm hư hại, làm hỏng, gây thiệt hại, gây tổn hại
    • làm hại (ai); làm tổn thương (danh dự...)
      • to damage someone's reputation: làm tổn thương danh dự của ai

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U] ~ (to sth) physical harm caused to sth which makes it less attractive, useful or valuable: serious / severe / extensive / permanent damage + brain / liver damage + smoke / bomb / storm damage + The earthquake caused damage to property estimated at $6 million. + The storm didn't do much damage. + Let's take a look at the damage. + I insist on paying for the damage. + Make sure you insure your camera against loss or damage.
2 [U] ~ (to sb/sth) harmful effects on sb/sth: emotional damage resulting from divorce + damage to a person's reputation + This could cause serious damage to the country's economy. + I'm going-I've done enough damage here already.
3 (damages) [pl.] an amount of money that is paid to sb by the person, company, etc. that has caused them harm or injury: He was ordered to pay damages totalling £30 000. + They intend to sue for damages. + Ann was awarded £6 000 (in) damages.
Idioms: what's the damage? (spoken) a way of asking how much sth costs
+ verb [VN] to harm or spoil sth/sb: The fire badly damaged the town hall. + Several vehicles were damaged in the crash. + Smoking seriously damages your health. + The allegations are likely to damage his political career. + emotionally damaged children

Thesaurus dictionary

1 harm, injury, hurt, impairment, mutilation, destruction, devastation:
Fortunately, there was little damage from the storm.
2 expense, price, cost; bill, invoice, US check:
At the restaurant, the damage came to $50.
3 damages. compensation, reparation, indemnity:
We won the suit and were awarded damages of $10,000 for defamation of character.
4 harm, hurt, injure; wound; mutilate, disfigure, mar, deface; wreck, ruin, spoil, impair:
Although the car was badly damaged, the passengers escaped unharmed. Will this news damage your chances of a promotion?

Collocation dictionary

1 harm/injury


considerable, enormous, great, serious, severe, substantial, untold | minor, slight | extensive, widespread | irreparable, irreversible, lasting, long-term, permanent
The incident did permanent damage to relations between the two countries.
| criminal, malicious, wilful
He was prosecuted for criminal damage to a vehicle.
| accidental
The insurance policy covers the building for accidental damage.
| emotional, environmental, mechanical, psychological, structural | brain
She suffered serious brain damage at birth.


cause, do, inflict
The earthquake caused widespread damage to property. They inflicted severe psychological damage on their opponents.
| suffer | repair | prevent


~ by
The palace suffered extensive damage by fire in 1825.
| ~ from
Crops are sprayed with chemicals to prevent damage from insects.
| ~ to
lasting damage to the environment


the cost/value of the damage
The cost of the damage is estimated at around $2 billion.
| the extent of the damage
At the moment it is difficult to assess the extent of the damage.

2 damages: money you can claim from sb


heavy, substantial


incur, suffer
damages incurred by the unfairly sacked workers
| claim, seek, sue (sb) for
He decided to sue the company for damages.
| assess
The court will assess the damages.
| apportion, award (sb) | pay (sb) | obtain, receive, recover, win | be liable for, be liable in
(law) If goods are lost in transit, the carrier will be liable for damages.


action, claim
A woman is to bring a civil damages action against the men she alleges murdered her son.
| award


in ~
They are claiming £45 million in damages.
| ~ for
He received damages for personal injury.
| ~ of
She was awarded damages of £90,000.


an action/a claim for damages
The judge upheld her claim for damages against her former employer.


badly, seriously, severely
The building was badly damaged by fire.
| slightly | irreparably, permanently
She may have damaged her health irreparably.

Concise English dictionary

+the occurrence of a change for the worse
+loss of military equipment
+the act of damaging something or someone
+the amount of money needed to purchase something
+any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right
+inflict damage upon