US: /ˈkəstəm/
UK: /kˈʌstəm/

English Vietnamese dictionary

custom /'kʌstəm/
  • danh từ
    • phong tục, tục lệ
      • to be a slave to custom: quá nệ theo phong tục
    • (pháp lý) luật pháp theo tục lệ
    • sự quen mua hàng, sự làm khách hàng; khách hàng, bạn hàng, mối hàng
      • the shop has a good custom: cửa hiệu đông khách (hàng)
    • (số nhiều) thuế quan
      • customs policy: chính sách thuế quan
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) sự đặt, sự thửa, sự đặt mua
      • custom clothes: quần áo đặt may, quần áo may đo

Advanced English dictionary

noun, adjective
+ noun
-see also CUSTOMS
1 [C, U] ~ (of doing sth) an accepted way of behaving or of doing things in a society or a community: an old / ancient custom + the custom of giving presents at Christmas + It's a local custom. + It is the custom in that country for women to marry young.
2 [sing.] (formal or literary) the way a person always behaves; a habit or practice: It was her custom to rise early. + As was his custom, he knocked three times.
3 [U] (BrE, formal) (also business AmE, BrE) the fact of a person or people buying goods or services at a shop/store or business: Thank you for your custom. Please call again. + We've lost a lot of custom since prices went up.
+ adjective [only before noun] (especially AmE) = CUSTOM-BUILT, CUSTOM-MADE: a custom motorcycle

Thesaurus dictionary

1 practice, habit, usage, fashion, way, wont, tradition, routine, convention, form:
According to custom, the warriors of the tribe paint their bodies.
2 customs. toll, duty, impost, tax, excise, levy, dues, tariff:
He was assigned to collect customs and port duties.
3 patronage, support, business, trade:
The new butcher needs as much custom as possible.
4 specially, especially, expressly, exclusively, particularly; to order:
All her clothes are custom-made.

Collocation dictionary


accepted, age-old, ancient, established, old, traditional | quaint | local | social


follow, observe, respect
They still follow the custom of pinning money to the bride's dress.
| maintain, preserve, revive


die out, disappear
The custom died out in the nineteenth century.
| prevail, survive
These customs still prevail in remote areas.


according to a/the ~, in accordance with (a/the) ~
They poured wine round the trees in accordance with local custom.
| through ~
The rules have grown up through custom and are not laid down by law.
| ~ of


as is/was the custom
People threw coins onto the stage, as was the custom.

Concise English dictionary

+accepted or habitual practice
+a specific practice of long standing
+money collected under a tariff
+habitual patronage
+made according to the specifications of an individual