US: /ˈkɹuəɫ/, /ˈkɹuɫ/
UK: /kɹˈuːəl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

cruel /'kruili/
  • tính từ
    • độc ác, dữ tợn, hung ác, ác nghiệt, tàn ác, tàn bạo, tàn nhẫn
      • cruel fate: số phận phũ phàng
    • hiểm nghèo, tàn khốc, thảm khốc
      • a cruel disease: cơn bệnh hiểm nghèo
      • a cruel war: cuộc chiến tranh tàn khốc
      • a cruel death: cái chết thảm khốc

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective (crueller, cruellest)
1 (to sb/sth) having a desire to cause pain and suffering: a cruel dictator + I can't stand people who are cruel to animals. + Her eyes were cruel and hard. + Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind (= make sb suffer because it will be good for them later).
2 causing pain or suffering: a cruel punishment / joke + Her father's death was a cruel blow.
cruelly adverb: The dog had been cruelly treated. + I was cruelly deceived.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 merciless, pitiless, hard-hearted, harsh, stony-hearted, heartless, unsparing, callous, beastly, cold-blooded, ruthless, unkind, hard:
It was cruel of you to refuse to help.
2 ferocious, inhuman, barbaric, barbarous, brutal, savage, bloodthirsty, vicious, sadistic, fiendish, diabolical, hellish, atrocious, Neronian or Neronic or Neroic:
His captors subjected him to the cruellest tortures.

Collocation dictionary


be, seem, sound | become


extremely, unspeakably, very
an extremely cruel regime
| a little, rather | deliberately | unnecessarily


I can't stand people who are cruel to animals.

Concise English dictionary

+(of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering
+(of weapons or instruments) causing suffering and pain