US: /ˈkɔɹt/
UK: /kˈɔːt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

court /kɔ:t/
  • danh từ
    • sân nhà
    • toà án; quan toà; phiên toà
      • court of justice: toà án
      • at a court: tại một phiên toà
      • to bring to court for trial: mang ra toà để xét xử
    • cung diện (vua); triều đình; quần thần; buổi chầu
      • to hold a court: tổ chức buổi chầu thiết triều
      • the court of the Tsars: cung vua Nga
      • Court of St James's: triều đình của vua (hoàng hậu) nước Anh
    • (thể dục,thể thao) sân (đánh quần vợt...)
    • phố cụt
    • sự ve vãn, sẹ tán tỉnh
      • to pay one's court to someone: tán tỉnh ai
    • out of court
      • mất quyền thưa kiện
    • (nghĩa bóng) lỗi thời không còn thích hợp; không có căn cứ
    • ngoại động từ
      • tìm cách đạt được, cầu, tranh thủ
        • to court popular applause: tìm cách làm cho quần chúng hoan nghênh
        • to court someone's support: tranh thủ sự ủng hộ của ai
      • ve vãn, tán tỉnh, tỏ tình, tìm hiểu
      • quyến rũ
        • to court somebody into doing something: quyến rũ ai làm việc gì
      • đón lấy, rước lấy, chuốc lấy
        • to court disaster: chuốc lấy tai hoạ
        • to court death: chuốc lấy cái chết; liều chết

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [C, U] the place where legal trials take place and where crimes, etc. are judged: the civil / criminal courts + Her lawyer made a statement outside the court. + She will appear in court tomorrow. + They took their landlord to court for breaking the contract. + The case took five years to come to court (= to be heard by the court). + There wasn't enough evidence to bring the case to court (= start a trial). + During the court hearing, the prosecutor said she would seek maximum prison sentences. + He won the court case and was awarded damages. + She can't pay her tax and is facing court action. + The case was settled out of court (= a decision was reached without a trial).
    See also - COURTHOUSE
    2 (the court) [sing.] the people in a court, especially those who make the decisions, such as the judge and JURY: Please tell the court what happened. + The court heard yesterday how the man collapsed and died after being stabbed.
    for sport
    3 [C] a place where games such as tennis are played: a tennis / squash / badminton court + He won after only 52 minutes on court.
    kings / queens
    4 [C, U] the official place where kings and queens live: the court of Queen Victoria + He was presented to the queen at court.
    5 (the court) [sing.] the king or queen, their family, and the people who work for them and/or give advice to them
    6 [C] = COURTYARD
    7 (abbreviation Ct) [C] used in the names of blocks of flats or apartment buildings, or of some short streets; (in Britain) used in the name of some large houses
    8 [C] a large open section of a building, often with a glass roof: the food court at the shopping mall
    Idioms: hold court (with sb) to entertain people by telling them interesting or funny things: I met Giles holding court with some tourists in a cafe.
    rule / throw sth out of court to say that sth is completely wrong or not worth considering, especially in a court of law: The charges were thrown out of court. + Well that's my theory ruled out of court.
    more at BALL n., LAUGH v., PAY v.
    + verb
    try to please
    1 [VN] to try to please sb in order to get sth you want, especially the support of a person, an organization, etc.
    Synonym: CULTIVATE
    The company is courting French distributors with a view to selling its products in France.
    try to get
    2 [VN] (formal) to try to obtain sth: He has never courted popularity.
    invite sth bad
    3 [VN] (formal) to do sth that might result in sth unpleasant happening: to court danger / death / disaster + As a politician he has often courted controversy.
    have relationship
    4 [VN] (old-fashioned) if a man courts a woman, he spends time with her and tries to make her love him, so that they can get married: He had been courting Jane for six months.
    5 [V] (be courting) (old-fashioned) (of a man and a woman) to have a romantic relationship before getting married: At that time they had been courting for several years.
    See also - COURTSHIP
    court / law court / court of law
    All these words can be used to refer to a place where legal trials take place. Court and (formal) court of law usually refer to the actual room where cases are judged. Courtroom is also used for this. Law court (BrE) is more often used to refer to the building: The prison is opposite the law court. Courthouse is used for this in AmE.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 law


    This is the highest court in the land.
    | appeal, civil, crown, high, juvenile, magistrates, military
    They took their case to the appeal court.
    | supreme | county, federal, etc. | European, French, etc.


    go to, take sb/sth to
    We are prepared to go to court to get our compensation. Their neighbours took them to court.
    | come to, get to, go to
    The case should not be allowed to go to court.
    | bring sth to
    There wasn't enough evidence to bring the case to court.
    | settle sth out of
    The dispute was settled out of court.
    | a court of appeal
    The case will be heard by the court of appeal next month.
    | a court of law
    I don't think that argument would stand up in a court of law.
    | a ward of court
    The child was made a ward of court when her parents were jailed.

    2 for sport


    basketball, squash, tennis, etc. | clay, grass, hard
    Do you prefer playing tennis on grass courts or hard courts?


    off (the) ~
    Off court she is just as aggressive as she is on the court.
    | on (the) ~
    The players have been on court for an hour.

    3 kings/queens


    royal appear before, appear in, attend
    She is too young to appear before the court.


    Mozart quickly became a favourite in court circles.
    preside over
    The court was presided over by Judge Owen. life at court He will appear in court tomorrow charged with the murder.


    at (a/the) ~
    life at the court of Charles I


    hear sth
    The court heard how the mother had beaten the 11-year-old boy.
    | acquit sb, clear sb
    The court acquitted Reece of the murder of his wife.
    | dismiss sth, quash sth
    The court dismissed the appeal. The guilty verdict was quashed by the appeal court.
    | uphold sth
    The court upheld the plaintiff's claim of unfair dismissal.
    | hold sth, order sth, rule sth
    The court held that she was entitled to receive compensation.


    action, case, proceedings | hearing, trial | injunction, order, summons
    She tried to get a court order to prevent him from coming near her. He received a court summons for non-payment of tax.
    | decision, ruling | appearance
    Divorce no longer requires a court appearance.
    | battle
    They could now face a court battle for compensation.
    | bailiff, clerk, judge, official, registrar, staff, usher
    She was appointed a high court judge in 1998.
    | procedure, process | system | building


    at ~
    He was found guilty at Swindon Crown Court.
    | before a/the ~
    The case is now before the court.
    | in ~
    Relatives of the dead girl were in court.


    contempt of court
    He was charged with contempt of court after shouting at a witness.


    He spent three months assiduously courting a newspaper editor.

    Concise English dictionary

    +an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business
    +the sovereign and his advisers who are the governing power of a state
    +a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played
    +a room in which a lawcourt sits
    +an area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings
    +the residence of a sovereign or nobleman
    +the family and retinue of a sovereign or prince
    +a hotel for motorists; provides direct access from rooms to parking area
    +Australian woman tennis player who won many major championships (born in 1947)
    +respectful deference
    +make amorous advances towards
    +seek someone's favor
    +engage in social activities leading to marriage