US: /kənˈsumɝ/
UK: /kənsˈuːmɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

consumer /kən'sju:mə/
  • danh từ
    • người tiêu dùng, người tiêu thụ (hàng hoá, thực phẩm...)
      • producers and consumers: những người sản xuất và những người tiêu thụ
    • consumer resistance
      • sự thờ ơ của khách hàng

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
a person who buys goods or uses services: consumer demand / choice / rights + Health-conscious consumers want more information about the food they buy. + a consumer society (= one where buying and selling is considered to be very important) + providers and consumers of public services + Tax cuts will boost consumer confidence after the recession.

Collocation dictionary


big, great, large
The UK is the biggest consumer of tropical hardwoods after Japan.
| average, ordinary | potential | passive
Mass culture turns audiences into passive consumers, their participation limited to the choice between buying and not buying.
| sophisticated | domestic, foreign | commercial, industrial | green
Green consumers should be wary of manufacturers' claims that their products are environmentally friendly.
| electricity, energy


supplying domestic consumers
| persuade | exploit
to exploit consumers by charging a high price
| protect
What can be done to protect the ordinary consumer from unscrupulous service operators?
| satisfy


buy sth, spend sth


durables, electronics, goods, products, services
the market for consumer durables
| attitudes, awareness, behaviour, choice, confidence, demand, expenditure, needs, preferences, spending, tastes | protection, rights | group, organization, watchdog
Consumer watchdogs have accused banks of ‘appalling arrogance’ in the way they treat customers.
| society
We are living in a consumer society.
| market | prices | boom
Government policy encouraged a consumer boom followed by a deep recession.
| boycott
The country could face a consumer boycott of its beef exports.


among ~
two years of research among consumers

Concise English dictionary

+a person who uses goods or services