US: /kənˈsəɫt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

consult /kən'sʌlt/
  • ngoại động từ
    • hỏi ý kiến, thỉnh thị, thăm dò
      • to consult a lawyer: hỏi ý kiến luật sư
    • tra cứu, tham khảo
      • to consult a dictionary: tra (cứu) tự điển
      • to consult a map: coi bản đồ
      • to consult history: tra cứu lịch sử, tham khảo lịch sử
    • quan tâm, để ý, lưu ý, nghĩ đến
      • to consult common interests: nghĩ đến quyền lợi chung
      • to consult someone's feelings: lưu ý đến tình cảm của ai
  • nội động từ
    • bàn bạc, thảo luận, trao đổi ý kiến, hội ý
      • to consult together: thảo luận bàn bạc với nhau
      • we have consulted about the matter: chúng tôi đã hội ý với nhau về việc ấy
    • to consult one's pillow
      • nằm vắt tay lên trán mà suy nghĩ

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 ~ sb (about sth) to go to sb for information or advice: [VN] If the pain continues, consult your doctor. + Have you consulted your lawyer about this? + [V] a consulting engineer (= one who has expert knowledge and gives advice)
2 ~ (with) sb (about / on sth) to discuss sth with sb to get their permission for sth, or to help you make a decision: [VN] You shouldn't have done it without consulting me. + I expect to be consulted about major issues. + [V] I need to consult with my colleagues on the proposals.
3 [VN] to look in or at sth to get information
Synonym: REFER TO
He consulted the manual.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 Often, consult with. confer (with), discuss (with), deliberate (with), talk over (with), inquire or enquire of, seek advice from, ask (of), question, interrogate, take counsel (with or of):
I shall have to consult a doctor about my headaches. You should consult with your lawyer.
2 refer to, look up, seek information from:
If in doubt, consult the dictionary.

Collocation dictionary


We consulted quite widely before deciding what to do.
| closely | adequately, properly
They felt they had not been properly consulted.


need to, should
If the pain persists you should consult your doctor.


I need to consult my teacher about changing my course.
| with
We are consulting closely with our partners and allies.

Concise English dictionary

+get or ask advice from
+seek information from
+have a conference in order to talk something over
+advise professionally