US: /kənˈsɪdɝ/
UK: /kənsˈɪdɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

consider /kən'sidə/
  • động từ
    • cân nhắc, xem xét, suy xét, suy nghĩ
      • all things considered: sau khi đã cân nhắc mọi điều
    • để ý đến, quan tâm đến, lưu ý đến
      • to consider the feelings of other people: quan tâm đến những tình cảm của người khác
    • xem như, coi như
      • he considers himself very important: tự nó coi mình là quan trọng lắm
    • có ý kiến là

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 to think about sth carefully, especially in order to make a decision: [VN] She considered her options. + Let us consider the facts. + He was considering an appeal. + a carefully considered response / decision + The company is being actively considered as a potential partner (= it is thought possible that it could become one). + [V -ing] We're considering buying a new car. + You wouldn't consider marrying a man for his money, then? + [V wh-] We need to consider how the law might be reformed. + He was considering what to do next. + [V] I'd like some time to consider.
2 ~ sb/sth (as) sth to think of sb/sth in a particular way: [VN-N] This award is considered (to be) a great honour. + He considers himself an expert on the subject. + These workers are considered (as) a high-risk group. + [VN-ADJ] Who do you consider (to be) responsible for the accident? + Consider yourself lucky you weren't fired. + [V (that)] She considers that it is too early to form a definite conclusion. + The Home Secretary will release prisoners only if he considers it is safe to do so. + [VN to inf] He's generally considered to have the finest tenor voice in the country. [also VN that]
3 [VN] to think about sth, especially the feelings of other people, and be influenced by it when making a decision, etc: You should consider other people before you act.
4 [VN] (formal) to look carefully at sb/sth: He stood there, considering the painting.
Idioms: your considered opinion your opinion that is the result of careful thought

Thesaurus dictionary

1 think about or over, take into or under consideration, deliberate (over or about), contemplate (on or over), weigh, ponder, mull over, cogitate on, meditate (on or upon or over), reflect (on or upon), ruminate (on or over), chew over, study, examine:
The council will consider your proposal.
2 heed, mark, take into account or consideration, reckon with, bear in mind, note, observe, make allowance for; esteem, respect, have regard for:
Consider your mother's feelings in the matter.
3 regard, look upon; judge, deem, take to be, think, believe, gauge, rate, estimate, reckon:
Consider yourself under arrest. I don't consider Simon the best person for the job.

Collocation dictionary


carefully, seriously
I'm seriously considering the possibility of emigrating.
| briefly
I did briefly consider going on my own.


We are considering her for the job of designer.

Concise English dictionary

+deem to be
+give careful consideration to
+take into consideration for exemplifying purposes
+show consideration for; take into account
+think about carefully; weigh
+judge or regard; look upon; judge
+look at attentively
+look at carefully; study mentally
+regard or treat with consideration, respect, and esteem