US: /ˈkɑndəkt/, /kɑnˈdəkt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

conduct /'kɔndəkt/
  • danh từ
    • hạnh kiểm, tư cách, đạo đức, cách cư xử
      • good conduct: hạnh kiểm tốt
      • bad conduct: hạnh kiểm xấu
    • sự chỉ đạo, sự điều khiển, sự hướng dẫn; sự quản lý
    • (nghệ thuật) cách sắp đặt, cách bố cục (vở kịch, bài thơ...)
    • regimental (company) conduct sheet
      • (quân sự) giấy ghi khuyết điểm và kỷ luật của người lính
  • động từ
    • dẫn tới (đường đi)
    • chỉ huy, chỉ đạo, điều khiển, hướng dẫn; quản, quản lý, trông nom
      • to conduct an army: chỉ huy một đạo quân
      • to conduct an orchestra: điều khiển một dàn nhạc
      • to conduct an affair: quản lý một công việc
      • to conduct oneself: cư xử, ăn ở
      • to conduct onself well: cư xử tốt
    • (vật lý) dẫn
      • to conduct hear: dẫn nhiệt

Advanced English dictionary

verb, noun
+ verb
1 [VN] to organize and/or do a particular activity: to conduct an experiment / an inquiry / a survey + The negotiations have been conducted in a positive manner. + They conducted a vigorous campaign for a shorter working week.
2 to direct a group of people who are singing or playing music: [VN] a concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Colin Davis [also V]
3 [VN +adv./prep.] to lead or guide sb through or around a place: a conducted tour of Athens (= one with a guide, giving information about it) + The guide conducted us around the ruins of the ancient city.
4 [VN +adv./prep.] ~ yourself ... (formal) to behave in a particular way: He conducted himself far better than expected. + The report challenges them to examine how they conduct themselves in the workplace.
5 [VN] (physics) (of a substance) to allow heat or electricity to pass along or through it: Copper conducts electricity better than other materials do.
+ noun [U] (formal)
1 a person's behaviour in a particular place or in a particular situation: The sport has a strict code of conduct. + improving standards of training and professional conduct
2 ~ of sth the way in which a business or an activity is organized and managed: There was growing criticism of the government's conduct of the war.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 behaviour, actions, demeanour, manners, deportment, comportment, attitude:
Such conduct will not be tolerated in this school.
2 guidance, direction, management, supervision, leadership, administration, government, running, handling, control, command, regulation, operation:
Had the conduct of the war been left up to him, we should have lost.
3 guide, direct, supervise, manage, carry on, run, control, administer, regulate, operate:
They conduct a remarkably successful business.
4 lead, guide, escort, show (in or out), usher:
We were conducted through the gallery by the curator herself.
5 channel, carry, transmit, convey; direct:
Electrical power is conducted by the cable.
6 conduct oneself. behave, act, demean, deport, comport, acquit:
For a six-year-old, he conducted himself very well.

Collocation dictionary

1 behaviour


The prisoner was released early for good conduct.
| discreditable, disgraceful, immoral, improper, ungentlemanly, unprofessional, unseemly | aggressive, violent | criminal, fraudulent, illegal, negligent, unlawful, wrongful | homosexual, sexual | personal | business, professional
The business conduct of this bank will be subject to UK rules. Our organization sets high standards of professional conduct.
| police | human
It is tempting to think of morality as a guide to human conduct.


engage in
The committee concluded that the senators had engaged in improper conduct.
| regulate
Efforts were made to regulate the conduct of crowds at football games.
| explain
The minister was called to court to explain his conduct.


constitute sth
conduct constituting a crime


~ by
The violent conduct by the strikers was condemned.
| ~ towards
her conduct towards her husband


a code of conduct, rules of conduct, standards of conduct

2 management of sth


The elders were responsible for the proper conduct of community life.
| day-to-day
the day-to-day conduct of the business of the company

1 organize sth/carry sth out


The enquiry must be independently conducted.
| personally | properly | successfully

2 lead/guide sb


How about a personally conducted tour of the house?


along, around/round, down, through, to, etc.
A guide conducted us around the museum.

3 conduct yourself: behave


honourably, well, with dignity
She conducts herself with great dignity.

4 heat/electricity


a substance which conducts electricity well

Concise English dictionary

+manner of acting or controlling yourself
+(behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people
+direct the course of; manage or control
+lead, as in the performance of a composition
+behave in a certain manner
+transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
+take somebody somewhere
+lead musicians in the performance of