US: /kəˈmænd/
UK: /kəmˈɑːnd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

command /kə'mɑ:nd/
  • danh từ
    • lệnh, mệnh lệnh
      • to give a command: ra mệnh lệnh
    • quyền chỉ huy, quyền điều khiển
    • sự làm chủ
      • the command of the sea: sự làm chủ trên mặt biển
    • sự kiềm chế, sự nén
      • command of one's emotion: sự nén xúc động
      • command over oneself: sự tự chủ
    • sự tinh thông, sự thành thạo
      • to have a great command of a language: thông thạo một thứ tiếng
    • đội quân (dưới quyền chỉ huy của một sĩ quan)
    • bộ tư lệnh
      • the Higher Command; the Supreme Command: bộ tư lệnh tối cao
    • at command
      • sẵn sàng để tuỳ ý sử dụng
    • at the word of command
      • khi mệnh lệnh được ban ra
    • command night
      • tối biểu diễn do lệnh của vua
    • command performance: buổi biểu diễn do lệnh của vua
    • in command of
      • điều khiển, chỉ huy
    • under the command of
      • dưới quyền chỉ huy của
    • to take command of
      • nắm quyền chỉ huy
  • ngoại động từ
    • ra lệnh, hạ lệnh
      • the officer commanded his men to fire: viên sĩ quan hạ lệnh cho quân mình bắn
    • chỉ huy, điều khiển
      • to command a regiment: chỉ huy trung đoàn
    • chế ngự, kiềm chế, nén
      • to command oneself: tự kiềm chế, tự chủ
      • to command one's temper: nén giận
    • sẵn, có sẵn (để sử dụng)
      • to command a vast sum of money: có sẵn một món tiền lớn
    • đủ tư cách để, đáng được; bắt phải, khiến phải
      • he commanded our sympathy: anh ta đáng được chúng ta đồng tình
      • to command respect: khiến phải kính trọng
    • bao quát
      • the hill commands the plain below: quả đồi bao quát cánh đồng phía dưới
  • nội động từ
    • ra lệnh, hạ lệnh
    • chỉ huy, điều khiển

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C] an order given to a person or an animal: Begin when I give the command. + You must obey the captain's commands.
for computer
2 [C] an instruction given to a computer: What is the startup command for the program?
3 [U] control and authority over a situation or a group of people: He has 1 200 men under his command. + He has command of 1 200 men. + The police arrived and took command of the situation. + For the first time in years, she felt in command of her life. + He looked relaxed and totally in command of himself. + Who is in command here? + There were many disagreements over the command of the peacekeeping forces. + the chain of command
in armed forces
4 (Command) [C] a part of an army, air force, etc. that is organized and controlled separately; a group of officers who give orders: Bomber Command
5 [U, sing.] ~ (of sth) your knowledge of sth; your ability to do or use sth, especially a language: Applicants will be expected to have (a) good command of English.
Idioms: at your command if you have a skill or an amount of sth at your command, you are able to use it well and completely: With all the words at my command, I could not express how I felt.
be at sb's command (formal) to be ready to obey sb: I'm at your command-what would you like me to do?
more at WISH n.
+ verb
1 (of sb in a position of authority) to tell sb to do sth
Synonym: ORDER
[VN to inf] He commanded his men to retreat. + [VN] She commanded the release of the prisoners. + [V that] (formal) The commission intervened and commanded that work on the building cease. + (BrE also) The commission commanded that work on the building should cease. [also V speech, VN speech, V] - ORDER
in armed forces
2 to be in charge of a group of people in the army, navy or air force: [VN] The troops were commanded by General Haig. [also V]
deserve and get
3 [VN] [no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses) to deserve and get sth because of the special qualities you have: to command sympathy / support + She was able to command the respect of the class. + The headlines commanded her attention. + As a top lawyer, he can expect to command a six-figure salary.
4 [VN] [no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses) (formal) to be in a position from where you can see or control sth: The hotel commands a fine view of the valley. + They built a castle commanding the river crossing.
5 [VN] [no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses) (formal) to have control of sth; to have sth available for use: The party was no longer able to command a majority in Parliament. + the power and finances commanded by the police

Collocation dictionary

1 order




carry out, obey | bark, give, issue
an army officer barking commands at his men He issued the command to retreat.


at sb's ~
I am at your command (= ready to obey you). At her command all work stopped.

2 control over sb/sth


complete, full, total
He was in complete command of the situation.
| direct
under the direct command of Lieutenant Sykes
| sole
She was in sole command of one million pounds.
| personal | integrated, joint, unified
NATO's integrated military command
| overall | high, supreme
the military high command
| army, military


He had command of 3,000 soldiers.
| assume, take (over) | give sb, put sb in | relinquish | lose, be relieved of
She has lost command of her senses.


in ~
Who is in command? She is second in command.
| in ~ of
He was put in command of the navy.
| under sb's ~
The division was under the command of General George.
| ~ over
his command over resources


the chain/line of command

3 ability to do/use sth


excellent, fluent, good, perfect | poor




at your ~
The vast knowledge of the country he has at his command will be invaluable in the job.
| ~ of
She has an excellent command of French.

Concise English dictionary

+an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
+a military unit or region under the control of a single officer
+the power or authority to command
+availability for use
+a position of highest authority
+great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity
+(computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program
+be in command of
+make someone do something
+demand as one's due
+look down on
+exercise authoritative control or power over