US: /kəˈɫɪʒən/
UK: /kəlˈɪʒən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

collision /kə'liʤn/
  • danh từ
    • sự đụng, sự va
      • the two cars had a slight collision: hai chiếc ô tô va nhẹ vào nhau
    • sự va chạm, sự xung đột
      • to came into collision with: va chạm với, xung đột với

Advanced English dictionary

of A and B)
1 an accident in which two vehicles or people crash into each other: a collision between two trains + Stewart was injured in a collision with another player. + a head-on collision (= between two vehicles that are moving towards each other) + a mid-air collision (= between two aircraft while they are flying) + His car was in collision with a motorbike. + Wind and ice were blamed for the collision involving up to 12 vehicles.
2 (written) a strong disagreement between two people or between opposing ideas, opinions, etc.; the meeting of two things that are very different: a collision between two opposing points of view + In his work we see the collision of two different traditions.
Idioms: be on a collision course (with sb/sth)
1 to be in a situation which is almost certain to cause a disagreement or dispute: I was on a collision course with my boss over the sales figures.
2 to be moving in a direction in which it is likely that you will crash into sb/sth: A giant iceberg was on a collision course with the ship.

Thesaurus dictionary

smash-up, smash, crash, wreck, pile-up, Colloq Brit prang; US crack-up:
There has been a major collision on the Tring road.

Collocation dictionary


serious | near | multiple | head-on, mid-air


be involved in, have
I had a near collision with a lorry.
| avoid | cause


happen, occur
The collision occurred near the hospital.


in a/the ~
She was injured in a collision.
| in ~ with
The car was in collision with a lorry.
| ~ between
a head-on collision between two cars
| ~ with
a collision with a train


be on a collision course with sth
An iceberg was on a collision course with the ship.

Concise English dictionary

+(physics) an brief event in which two or more bodies come together
+an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object
+a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals