US: /ˈkɫu/
UK: /klˈuː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

clue /klu:/
  • danh từ
    • đầu mối; manh mối
      • to look for clues: lần đầu mối
    • dòng tư tưởng; mạch câu chuyện

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 ~ (to sth) an object, a piece of evidence or some information that helps the police solve a crime: The police think the videotape may hold some vital clues to the identity of the killer.
2 ~ (to sth) a fact or a piece of evidence that helps you discover the answer to a problem: Diet may hold the clue to the causes of migraine.
3 some words or a piece of information that helps you find the answers to a CROSSWORD, a game or a question: 'You'll never guess who I saw today!' 'Give me a clue.'
Idioms: not have a clue (informal)
1 to know nothing about sth or about how to do sth: I don't have a clue where she lives.
2 (disapproving) to be very stupid: Don't ask him to do it-he doesn't have a clue!
Phrasal Verbs: clue sb in (on sth) (informal) to give sb the most recent information about sth: He's just clued me in on the latest developments.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 hint, suspicion, trace, intimation, suggestion, inkling, indication, pointer, lead, tip, tip-off, evidence, information, advice; key, answer, indicator:
There is no clue pointing to anyone in particular. Any clue to the solution of the mystery disappeared in the fire.
2 clue someone in or Brit also up. hint, suggest, imply, intimate, inform, advise, indicate:
She clued us in as to who might have sent the letter.

Collocation dictionary


good, important, useful, valuable | vital | tell-tale | obvious


have, hold
So far, the police haven't got any clues as to the motive for the crime. Diet may hold the clue to the causes of migraine.
| give (sb), furnish/provide/supply (sb with), yield
The hat gives a clue to the identity of the killer. The letter yielded no clues.
| hunt for, look for, search for | discover, find, uncover | leave
The burglar left no clues.
| follow (up)


~ about
This research might provide an important clue about how cancer develops.
| ~ (as) to
a clue as to her whereabouts

Concise English dictionary

+a slight indication
+evidence that helps to solve a problem
+roll into a ball