US: /ˈkɫoʊsɝ/, /ˈkɫoʊzɝ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • xem close

Thesaurus dictionary

1 shut, close up, seal; close off, lock, padlock, secure, fasten:
I closed my eyes. Please close the door behind you.
2 make inaccessible, shut, Chiefly US place off limits:
The Bodleian Library will be closed for a week.
3 conclude, end, finish, complete, bring to a close or end, terminate, climax, Colloq wind up:
A brilliant flourish closes the first movement of the symphony.
4 conclude, sign, seal, make, settle, clinch, agree, arrange, work out, establish:
Union and management closed a deal, and the strike was called off.
5 Also, close down. discontinue, terminate, stop, suspend, shut down, go out of business, cease operations, close (up), Colloq wind up, shut up shop, put up the shutters:
Competition from the supermarket forced the greengrocer to close down.
6 Also, close off. seal, make inaccessible, shut (off), obstruct, obturate:
This wing of the museum has been closed off temporarily.
7 close one's eyes to. ignore, overlook, disregard:
You have always closed your eyes to his faults.
8 close up.
(a) close, shut (up), lock up, close (down):
It's time to close up for the night.
(b) close, come or draw or bring together, unite, join; connect:
We closed up ranks and stood at attention.
9 near; adjacent, proximate, proximal:
He claims to have had a close encounter with an extraterrestrial. There certainly is a close resemblance between Kathy and her daughter.
10 closed, shut (up), fixed, fast, secure, tight:
The hostages spent a month in close confinement.
11 dense, compact, tight, cramped, compressed, tiny, minuscule, minute:
I could hardly read the close writing on the matchbox.
12 stuffy, musty, stale, fusty, confining, oppressive, airless, unventilated, confined, stifling, suffocating:
They locked me in a room that was so close I could hardly breathe.
13 nearly equal or even, close-matched, neck and neck, tight:
It was a close race, but Flanagan won by a hair.
14 careful, assiduous, precise, detailed, concentrated, strict, rigorous, minute, searching, attentive, alert, intent, intense, thorough, painstaking:
Close analysis has revealed that the handwriting is that of a left-handed adult.
15 attached, intimate, devoted, familiar, inseparable, close-knit, solid, confidential; fast; Colloq thick, thick as thieves, pally, US and Canadian palsy-walsy, buddy-buddy:
They are a very close family. She and her father are very close.
16 private, privy, secret, guarded, closely guarded, confidential:
Although it should have been a close secret, the press managed to get hold of it.
17 secretive, reticent, taciturn, reserved, close-mouthed, tight-lipped, silent:
She is very close about the whereabouts of her husband.
18 stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, tight-fisted, close-fisted, parsimonious, penurious, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, Scrooge-like, skinflinty, Colloq near, Brit mingy:
He's so close he charges his own mother rent.
19 secluded, concealed, shut up or away, hidden:
The fugitives decided to lie close till nightfall.
20 near, in the neighbourhood (of), not far (from), adjacent (to); alongside; at hand, nearby, close by:
The murder took place close to my house. I'm frightened, so please stay close by.
21 close to or on or onto. nearly, almost, about, practically, approximately, nigh unto, approaching:
For close to two thousand years the site lay untouched.
22 end, termination, conclusion, finish, completion, cessation; culmination:
By the close of trading, share prices had risen again.

Concise English dictionary

+the temporal end; the concluding time
+the last section of a communication
+the concluding part of any performance
+cease to operate or cause to cease operating
+complete a business deal, negotiation, or an agreement
+move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut
+bar access to
+finish or terminate (meetings, speeches, etc.)
+draw near
+come to a close
+become closed
+come together, as if in an embrace
+unite or bring into contact or bring together the edges of
+bring together all the elements or parts of
+engage at close quarters
+be priced or listed when trading stops
+cause a window or an application to disappear on a computer desktop
+change one's body stance so that the forward shoulder and foot are closer to the intended point of impact
+fill or stop up
+finish a game in baseball by protecting a lead
+at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other
+close in relevance or relationship
+not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
+rigorously attentive; strict and thorough
+marked by fidelity to an original
+(of a contest or contestants) evenly matched
+lacking fresh air
+of textiles
+strictly confined or guarded
+confined to specific persons
+fitting closely but comfortably
+used of hair or haircuts
+giving or spending with reluctance
+inclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information
+near in time or place or relationship
+in an attentive manner