US: /ˈsɝkəmˌstæns/
UK: /sˈɜːkəmstˌæns/

English Vietnamese dictionary

circumstance /'sə:kəmstəns/
  • danh từ số nhiều
    • hoàn cảnh, trường hợp, tình huống
      • under (in) the present circumstances: trong hoàn cảnh hiện tại
      • under (in) no circumstances: dù trong hoàn cảnh nào cũng không bao giờ
      • to live in narrow circumstances: sống thiếu thốn nghèo túng
      • in easy (good, flourishing) circumstances: trong hoàn cảnh sung túc phong lưu
      • in bad (straitened) circumstances: trong hoàn cảnh thiếu thốn túng quẫn
    • sự kiện, sự việc, chi tiết
      • to tell a story without omitting a single circumstance: kể câu chuyện không bỏ sót một chi tiết nào
    • nghi thức, nghi lễ
      • to receive someone with pomp and circumstance: tiếp đón ai (với nghi thức) rất trọng thể
    • to be behind hand in one's circumstances
      • túng thiếu, thiếu tiền
    • circumstances alter cases
      • tất cả đề chỉ do hoàn cảnh tạo ra cả; có tội lỗi chẳng qua cũng chỉ vì hoàn cảnh xui nên
    • not a circumstance to: (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) không thể so sánh với, không ra cái gì khi đem so sánh với

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [C, usually pl.] the conditions and facts that are connected with and affect a situation, an event or an action: The company reserves the right to cancel this agreement in certain circumstances. + changing social and political circumstances + I know I can trust her in any circumstance. + Police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the boy's death. + The ship sank in mysterious circumstances. + She never discovered the true circumstances of her birth.
2 (circumstances) [pl.] the conditions of a person's life, especially the money they have: Grants are awarded according to your financial circumstances. + family / domestic / personal circumstances
3 [U] (formal) situations and events that affect and influence your life and that are not in your control: a victim of circumstance (= a person who has suffered because of a situation that they cannot control) + He had to leave the country through force of circumstance (= events or the situation made it necessary). + We were simply thrown together by circumstance on the long journey.
Idioms: in / under the circumstances used before or after a statement to show that you have thought about the conditions that affect a situation before making a decision or a statement: Under the circumstances, it seemed better not to tell him about the accident. + She did the job very well in the circumstances.
in / under no circumstances used to emphasize that sth should never happen or be allowed: Under no circumstances should you lend Paul any money. + Don't open the door, in any circumstances.
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Thesaurus dictionary

1 Often, circumstances. situation, condition(s), state (of affairs); status, station, resources, income, finances:
In the circumstances, all leave is cancelled. Each person will be helped according to the individual circumstance.
2 event, incident, episode, occurrence, affair, happening, occasion:
Any unforeseen circumstance could set off a shooting war.

Collocation dictionary

1 (usually circumstances) facts/events that affect sth


The scheme might work better with more favourable circumstances.
| adverse, difficult, tragic, trying, unfavourable
people facing adverse circumstances He died in tragic circumstances.
| normal
In normal circumstances I would let you use my car, but today I need it.
| exceptional, special, unusual
Only if the circumstances are exceptional will we accept late applications.
| mysterious, suspicious
She died in rather suspicious circumstances.
| extenuating, mitigating
His sentence was reduced because of the extenuating circumstances.
| changed, changing, different | unavoidable, unforeseen | economic, financial, political, social
life in the changing economic circumstances of China


an unfortunate set of circumstances that made her life difficult


change | conspire, dictate sth
I felt that circumstances were conspiring against me. Circumstances dictate that I should leave this town forever.


according to ~
The amount paid will vary according to circumstances.
| due to … ~s
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to reschedule the concert.
| in … ~s
She died in suspicious circumstances.
| in/under the ~s
In the circumstances, you'd better ring the police.
| ~ surrounding
The bank will investigate the circumstances surrounding the robbery.


by/through force of circumstance
The survivors ate plants and insects through force of circumstance.
| circumstances beyond our control
The delays were due to circumstances beyond our control.
| a combination of circumstances
We lost our position in the market due to a combination of circumstances.
| in/under no circumstances
Under no circumstances should you leave the door unlocked.
| a victim of circumstance
He was simply a victim of circumstance.

2 circumstances: amount of money you have


desperate, reduced, straitened | domestic, family, personal


improve | worsen


in … ~
He was a writer living in straitened circumstances.

Concise English dictionary

+a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity
+the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event
+information that should be kept in mind when making a decision
+formal ceremony about important occasions