US: /ˌkeɪpəˈbɪɫəti/
UK: /kˌe‍ɪpəbˈɪlɪti/

English Vietnamese dictionary

capability /,keipə'biliti/
  • danh từ
    • khả năng, năng lực
    • (số nhiều) năng lực tiềm tàng
      • to have capabilities: có nhiều năng lực tiềm tàng

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [C, U] (plural capabilities)
1 ~ (to do sth / of doing sth) the ability or qualities necessary to do sth: Animals in the zoo have lost the capability to catch / of catching food for themselves. + beyond / within the capabilities of current technology + Age affects the range of a person's capabilities. + a company's production / manufacturing / processing capabilities
2 the power or weapons that a country has for war or for military action: Britain's nuclear / military capability

Thesaurus dictionary

ability, power, potential, capacity, means, faculty, wherewithal; talent, proficiency, aptitude, adeptness, skill, competence:
Deirdre has the capability to be first in her form.

Collocation dictionary


enormous | limited
The company's manufacturing capability is quite limited.
| potential | proven
the proven capability of this technology
| human
beyond the scope of human capability
| intellectual, mental | technical, technological | manufacturing, production | research | computing, design, graphics, multimedia, networking, printing, processing, sound, video | defence, fighting, military, missile, nuclear, offensive, weapons


She has the capability to become a very fine actress.
| increase
The government wants to increase its military capability.
| lose


beyond your ~
Organizing a whole department is beyond his capability.
| within your ~
I'm sure that your new job is well within your capabilities.
| ~ for
her capability for making sensible decisions

Concise English dictionary

+the quality of being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally
+the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment
+an aptitude that may be developed