US: /ˈkæbənət/, /ˈkæbnət/
UK: /kˈæbɪnət/

English Vietnamese dictionary

cabinet /'kæbinit/
  • danh từ
    • tủ (có nhiều ngăn, đựng đồ dạc quý)
      • a medicine cabinet: tủ đựng thuốc
      • a filing cabinet: tủ đựng hồ sơ
      • a china cabinet: tủ đựng cốc tách bát đĩa
    • vỏ (máy thu thanh, máy ghi âm)
    • nội các, chính phủ
      • cabinet minister: thành viên nội các, bộ trưởng
      • cabinet minister: thành viên nội các, bộ trưởng
      • cabinet council: hội đồng nội các; hội đồng chính phủ
      • cabinet crisis: khủng hoảng nội các
    • phòng riêng

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 (usually the Cabinet) [C+sing./pl. v.] a group of the most important government ministers, or ADVISERS to a president, responsible for advising and deciding on government policy: a cabinet meeting + (BrE) a cabinet minister + (BrE) the shadow Cabinet (= the most important members of the opposition party)
2 [C] a piece of furniture with doors, drawers and/or shelves, that is used for storing or showing things: kitchen cabinets + a medicine cabinet + The china was displayed in a glass cabinet.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 cupboard, bureau, chifferobe, commode, chiffonier, chest (of drawers), chest-on-chest, tallboy, US highboy, lowboy:
The aspirin is in the medicine cabinet. Our china cabinet is, unfortunately, not a genuine Chippendale.
2 council, ministry, committee, advisors, senate:
At the age of thirty, he became the youngest member of the cabinet.

Collocation dictionary

1 (usually Cabinet) in government


There was a meeting of the full Cabinet this afternoon.
| inner
The inner Cabinet is to meet again today.
| shadow
(= the most important members of the opposition party)
| war


appoint, choose, form | enlarge, expand | reshuffle
The prime minister reshuffled (= changed)his Cabinet yesterday.
| enter, join | leave, quit | consult | force
The defeat in the vote forced the Cabinet to change its policy on immigration.
| persuade, urge


meet | discuss sth


member, minister | meeting | reshuffle
The affair led to a mid-term Cabinet reshuffle (= when the prime minister/president changes some of the people in the Cabinet).

2 cupboard


glass/glass-fronted | bathroom, bedside, kitchen | medicine | china, display, trophy
a glass-fronted china cabinet
| cocktail, drinks | filing | storage


in a/the ~
Past reports are kept in the filing cabinet in my office.

Concise English dictionary

+a piece of furniture resembling a cupboard with doors and shelves and drawers; for storage or display
+persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers
+a storage compartment for clothes and valuables; usually it has a lock
+housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television