US: /ˈbət/
UK: /bˈʌt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

but /bʌt/
  • liên từ
    • nhưng, nhưng mà
      • we tried to do it but couldn't: chúng tôi đã thử làm cái đó nhưng không được
    • nếu không; không còn cách nào khác
      • I can't but answer in the negative: chúng tôi không còn cách nào khác là phải trả lời từ chối
    • mà lại không
      • he never comes but he borrows books from me: chẳng lần nào nó đến mà lại không mượn sách của tôi
  • phó từ
    • chỉ, chỉ là, chỉ mới
      • he is but a child: nó chỉ là một đứa trẻ con
      • she left but an hour ago: cô ta chỉ vừa mới đi cách đây một tiếng đồng hồ
    • all but
      • (xem) all
  • danh từ
    • trừ ra, ngoài ra
      • come any day but tomorrow: hãy đến bất cứ ngày nào trừ ngày mai
      • read the last but one line: đọc dòng trên dòng cuối cùng
    • but for
      • nếu không (có)
    • he would have fallen but for me: nếu không có tôi thì nó ngã rồi
    • but that
      • trừ phi, nếu không
    • I would have gone but that I was ill: nếu tôi không ốm thì tôi đã đi rồi
    • but then
      • mặt khác, nhưng mặt khác
    • the book is rather difficult, but then it gives us many interesting instructions on the use of modern machines: quyển sách cũng hơi khó, nhưng mặt khác nó cung cấp cho chúng tôi nhiều lời chỉ dẫn thú vị về cách dùng những máy mới
    • to but that (what)
      • nhưng không phải vì thế mà, nhưng không phải là
    • I can't come, not but that I'd like to: tôi không đến được, nhưng không phải vì tôi không thích đến
  • đại từ quan hệ
    • ai... mà không
      • there was no one but admired him: không có ai mà không thán phục ông ta
  • danh từ
    • cái "nhưng mà" ; điều phản đối, điều trái lại
    • ngoại động từ
      • phản đối, nói trái lại
        • but me no buts: đừng có phản đối tôi bằng những cái nhưng mà

    Advanced English dictionary

    conjunction, preposition, adverb, noun
    + conjunction
    1 used to introduce a word or phrase that contrasts with what was said before: I got it wrong. It wasn't the red one but the blue one. + His mother won't be there, but his father might. + It isn't that he lied exactly, but he did tend to exaggerate.
    2 however; in spite of this: I'd asked everybody but only two people came. + By the end of the day we were tired but happy.
    3 used when you are saying sorry about sth: I'm sorry but I can't stay any longer.
    4 used to introduce a statement that shows that you are surprised or annoyed, or that you disagree: But that's not possible! + 'Here's the money I owe you.' 'But that's not right-it was only £10.'
    5 except: I had no choice but to sign the contract.
    6 used before repeating a word in order to emphasize it: Nothing, but nothing would make him change his mind.
    7 (literary) used to emphasize that sth is always true: She never passed her old home but she thought of the happy years she had spent there (= she always thought of them).
    Idioms: but then (again)
    1 however; on the other hand: He might agree. But then again he might have a completely different opinion.
    2 used before a statement that explains or gives a reason for what has just been said: She speaks very good Italian. But then she did live in Rome for a year (= so it's not surprising).
    you cannot / could not but ... (formal) used to show that everything else is impossible except the thing that you are saying: What could he do but forgive her? (= that was the only thing possible)
    + preposition
    except; apart from: We've had nothing but trouble with this car. + The problem is anything but easy. + Who but Rosa could think of something like that? + Everyone was there but him. + I came last but one in the race (= I wasn't last but next to last). + Take the first turning but one (= not the first one but the one after it).
    + adverb
    only: I don't think we'll manage it. Still, we can but try. + There were a lot of famous people there:
    Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, to name but two.

    + noun [usually pl.] a reason that sb gives for not doing sth or not agreeing: 'Let us have no buts,' he said firmly. 'You are coming.' + With so many ifs and buts, it is easier to wait and see.

    Concise English dictionary

    +and nothing more