US: /ˈbʊk/
UK: /bˈʊk/

English Vietnamese dictionary

book /buk/
  • danh từ
    • sách
      • old book: sách cũ
      • to writer a book: viết một cuốn sách
      • book of stamps: một tập tem
      • book I: tập 1
    • (số nhiều) sổ sách kế toán
    • (the book) kinh thánh
    • to be someone's bad books
      • không được ai ưa
    • to be someone's good book
      • được ai yêu mến
    • to bring someone to book
      • hỏi tội và trừng phạt ai
    • to know something like a book
      • (xem) know
    • to speak by the book
      • nói có sách, mách có chứng
    • to suit one's book
      • hợp với ý nguyện của mình
    • to speak (talk) like a book
      • nói như sách
    • to take a leat out of someone's book
      • (xem) leaf
  • ngoại động từ
    • viết vào vở; ghi vào vở
    • ghi tên (người mua về trước)
    • ghi địa chỉ (để chuyển hàng)
    • giữ (chỗ) trước, mua về trước)
      • to book searts for the threatre: mua vé trước để đi xem hát
    • lấy vé (xe lửa...)
    • I am booked
      • tôi bị tóm rồi, tôi bị giữ rồi

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
printed work
1 [C] a set of printed pages that are fastened inside a cover so that you can turn them and read them: a pile of books + hardback / paperback books
2 [C] a written work published in printed or electronic form: She's reading a book by Stephen King. + a book about / on wildlife + reference / children's / library books
for writing in
3 [C] a set of sheets of paper that are fastened together inside a cover and used for writing in: an exercise book + an address book + a notebook
of stamps / tickets / matches, etc.
4 [C] a set of things that are fastened together like a book: a book of stamps / tickets / matches + a chequebook
5 (books) [pl.] the written records of the financial affairs of a business
to do the books (= to check the accounts) + You need to go over the books again; there's a mistake somewhere.
section of bible, etc.
6 [C] a section of a large written work: the books of the Bible
for betting
7 [C] (BrE) a record of BETS made on whether sth will happen, sb will win a race, etc: They've opened a book on who'll win the Championship.
Idioms: be in sb's good / bad books (informal) used to say that sb is pleased/annoyed with you: I'm in her good books at the moment because I cleared up the kitchen.
bring sb to book (for sth) (formal, especially BrE) to punish sb for doing sth wrong and make them explain their behaviour: We will ensure that people who commit fraud are brought to book through the courts.
by the book following rules and instructions in a very strict way: She always does everything by the book.
in my book (spoken) used when you are giving your opinion: That's cheating in my book.
(be) on sb's books (to be) on an organization's list, for example of people who are available for a particular type of work: We have very few nurses on our books at the moment. + Most of the houses on our books are in the north of the city.
throw the book at sb (informal) to punish sb who has committed an offence as severely as possible: 'Get this man down to the station and throw the book at him!' yelled Curtis.
more at CLOSE v., CLOSED, COOK v., HISTORY, JUDGE v., LEAF n., OPEN adj., READ v., SUIT v., TRICK n.
+ verb
1 (especially BrE) to arrange with a hotel, restaurant, theatre, etc. to have a room, table, seat, etc. on a particular date: [V] Book early to avoid disappointment. + [VN] I'd like to book a table for two for 8 o'clock tonight. + The performance is booked up (= there are no more tickets available). + I'm sorry-we're fully booked.
Compare: RESERVE
2 [VN] to arrange for sb to have a seat on a plane, etc: I've booked you on the 10 o'clock flight.
3 [VN] to arrange for a singer, etc. to perform on a particular date: We've booked a band for the wedding reception.
4 [VN] (informal) to write down sb's name and address because they have committed a crime or an offence: He was booked for possession of cannabis.
5 [VN] (BrE, informal) (of a referee) to write down in an official book the name of a player who has broken the rules of the game
Phrasal Verbs: book in / into sth to arrive at a hotel, etc. and arrange to stay there: I got in at ten and booked straight into a hotel.
book sb in / into sth to arrange for sb to have a room at a hotel, etc: I've booked you in at the Sheraton for the night.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 volume, tome, work, publication; hard-cover, soft-cover, paperback:
Our personal library contains more than 5000 books.
2 libretto, words, lyrics:
Richard Rodgers wrote the music and Oscar Hammerstein the book for several hit shows.
3 rules, laws, regulations:
He always insists that we go by the book.
4 engage, reserve; earmark, ticket; order, register, enrol, list, enlist, log, record, post:
Please phone the restaurant and book a table for four for seven-thirty.

Collocation dictionary

1 for reading


latest, new, recent | forthcoming | hardback, paperback | printed
one of the earliest printed books
| rare | second-hand | delightful, excellent, fascinating, fine, good, great, interesting, remarkable, useful
There's nothing like curling up with a mug of tea and a good book.
| famous, important, influential | controversial
a controversial book about the royal family
| favourite
a survey to find the nation's favourite children's book
| library | set
‘Emma’ was one of our set books for A level.
| children's, comic, cookery, guide, hymn, phrase, picture, prayer, reference, school, story, text
travel | address, autograph, cheque, exercise, log, order, phone/telephone, sketch


How many copies of the book did you order?


be deep/engrossed/immersed in, flick/skim through, look at, read | look up from
She looked up from her book and smiled at him.
| co-author, write | bring out, publish, put out | reprint | edit, proofread, revise | translate | illustrate | bind | ban, censor | dedicate, inscribe
The book is dedicated to his mother. Her name was inscribed in the book. The collector had many books inscribed to him by famous authors.
| review | borrow, have out, take out
(= from a library)How many books have you got out?
| return, take back
(= to a library)
| renew
Do you want to renew any of your library books?
| stock | plagiarize


appear, come out
His latest book will appear in December.
| be/go out of print


title | shop
| review, reviewer | club


in a/the ~
These issues are discussed in his latest book.
| ~ about/on
She's busy writing a book on astrology.
| ~ by
a book by Robert Grout
| ~ for
a book for new parents
| ~ from
a new book from the publishing company, Bookworm
| ~ of
a book of walks in London 2 books company records




audit, do, keep
She does the books for us.

Concise English dictionary

+a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together)
+physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together
+a record in which commercial accounts are recorded
+a number of sheets (ticket or stamps etc.) bound together on one edge
+a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone
+a major division of a long written composition
+a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance
+a collection of playing cards satisfying the rules of a card game
+a collection of rules or prescribed standards on the basis of which decisions are made
+the sacred writings of Islam revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina
+the sacred writings of the Christian religions
+record a charge in a police register
+arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance
+engage for a performance
+register in a hotel booker