US: /ˈbɫeɪm/
UK: /blˈe‍ɪm/

English Vietnamese dictionary

blame /bleim/
  • danh từ
    • sự khiển trách; lời trách mắng
      • to deserve blame: đáng khiển trách
    • lỗi; trách nhiệm
      • where does the blame lie for this failure?: ai chịu trách nhiệm về sự thất bại này?, trách nhiệm về sự thất bại này là ở đâu?
      • to bear the blame: chịu lỗ, chịu trách nhiệm
      • to lay the blame on somebody; to lay the blame at somebody's door: quy trách nhiệm về ai; đỗ lỗi cho ai
      • to lay the blame at the right door (on the right shoulders): quy trách nhiệm đúng vào người phải chịu trách nhiệm
      • to shift the blame on somebody: đỗ lỗi cho ai

Advanced English dictionary

verb, noun
+ verb [VN] ~ sb/sth (for sth)
~ sth on sb/sth to think or say that sb/sth is responsible for sth bad: She doesn't blame anyone for her father's death. + A dropped cigarette is being blamed for the fire. + Police are blaming the accident on dangerous driving.
Idioms: be to blame (for sth) to be responsible for sth bad: If anyone's to blame, it's me. + Which driver was to blame for the accident?
don't blame me (spoken) used to advise sb not to do sth, when you think they will do it despite your advice: Call her if you like, but don't blame me if she's angry.
I don't blame you / her, etc. (for doing sth) (spoken) used to say that you think that what sb did was reasonable and the right thing to do: 'I just slammed the phone down when he said that.' 'I don't blame you!'
only have yourself to blame used to say that you think sth is sb's own fault: If you lose your job, you'll only have yourself to blame.
+ noun [U] ~ (for sth) responsibility for doing sth badly or wrongly; saying that sb is responsible for sth: to lay / put the blame for sth on sb + The government will have to take the blame for the riots. + Why do I always get the blame for everything that goes wrong? + I'm not interested in apportioning blame for the accident (= deciding how much each person involved was responsible for it).
Compare: CREDIT n. (7)

Thesaurus dictionary

1 find fault with, censure, criticize, fault; accuse, charge, indict, condemn, point to, point (the finger) at, rebuke, reprimand, recriminate, reproach, scold, reprehend, reprove:
Don't blame me if you can't get to school on time.
2 hold responsible, fix (the) responsibility upon or on, put or place or lay (the) blame on, lay at someone's door, denounce, incriminate:
Why blame Carol for the mess?
3 censure, criticism, reproof, rebuke, recrimination, disapproval, disapprobation, reproach, objurgation, condemnation, reprehension:
The cyclist put the blame for the accident on me.
4 culpability, responsibility; guilt, Slang rap:
Why should you take the blame for something that Donald did?

Collocation dictionary


My brother broke the window, but I got the blame.
| accept, bear, shoulder, take
The company refused to accept any blame for the damage.
| apportion, attach, attribute, lay, pin, place, put
They placed the blame squarely on the doctor.
| share
The government must share the blame for this confusion.
| escape, shift
trying to shift the blame onto someone else
| absolve sb from/of
He was absolved of all blame.


fall on sb, lie with sb, rest with sb
The blame lies with the police, who failed to act quickly enough.


~ for
He tried to escape blame for what he did.


lay the blame at sb's door, part of the blame, a share of the blame
The government tried to lay the blame at the door of the unions.


unfairly, unjustly


can't/cannot, couldn't, don't
‘I just slammed the phone down when he said that.’ ‘I don't blame you!’
| can/could hardly
You can hardly blame Peter for being angry with her.


I don't blame Jack for the mistake.
| on
Whenever something goes wrong, everyone blames it on me.


be (partly) to blame (for sth)
A spokesman said that bad weather was to blame for the delay.
| be widely blamed for sth
The government has been widely blamed for the crisis.

Concise English dictionary

+an accusation that you are responsible for some lapse or misdeed
+a reproach for some lapse or misdeed
+put or pin the blame on
+harass with constant criticism
+attribute responsibility to
+expletives used informally as intensifiers