US: /bəˈnɛvəɫənt/
UK: /bənˈɛvələnt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

benevolent /bi'nevələnt/
  • tính từ
    • nhân từ, nhân đức, từ thiện, thương người
    • rộng lượng

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 (formal) (especially of people in authority) kind, helpful and generous: a benevolent smile / attitude + belief in the existence of a benevolent god + a benevolent dictatorship
2 used in the names of some organizations that give help and money to people in need: the RAF Benevolent Fund
benevolence noun [U]
benevolently adverb: smiling benevolently

Thesaurus dictionary

charitable, well-disposed, gracious, good, kind, kindly, humane, humanitarian, well-wishing, thoughtful, considerate, sympathetic, caring, kind-hearted, warm-hearted, compassionate, benign, benignant; liberal, generous, magnanimous, open-handed; beneficial, helpful, salutary:
That hypocrite has cast himself in the role of a benevolent despot.

Concise English dictionary

+intending or showing kindness
+showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity
+generous in providing aid to others
+generous in assistance to the poor