US: /ˈbɛnəfɪt/
UK: /bˈɛnɪfˌɪt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

benefit /'benifit/
  • danh từ
    • lợi, lợi ích
      • for special benefit of: vì lợi ích riêng của;
      • the book is of much benefit to me: quyển sách giúp ích tôi rất nhiều
    • buổi biểu diễn; trận đấu (lấy tiền ủng hộ, tương tế) ((cũng) benifit night; benifit match)
    • tiền trợ cấp, tiền tuất
      • death benefit: tiền trợ cấp ma chay
      • matermity benefit: tiền trợ cấp sinh đẻ
    • phúc lợi
      • medical benefit: phúc lợi về y tế
    • (pháp lý) đặc quyền tài phán (không bị toà án thường xử, đối với cha cố...)
    • to give somebody the benefit of the doubt
      • vì còn nghi ngờ nên không buộc tội cho ai
  • ngoại động từ
    • giúp ích cho, làm lợi cho
    • nội động từ
      • được lợi, lợi dụng
        • to benefit by something: lợi dụng cái gì

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [U, C] an advantage that sth gives you; a helpful and useful effect that sth has: I've had the benefit of a good education. + The new regulations will be of benefit to everyone concerned. + It will be to your benefit to arrive early. + He couldn't see the benefit of arguing any longer. + the benefits of modern medicine + It was good to see her finally reaping the benefits (= enjoying the results) of all her hard work. + With the benefit of hindsight (= knowing what we have learnt since), we would do things differently. + For maximum benefit, take the tablets before meals.
    2 [U, C] (BrE) money provided by the government to people who need financial help because they are unemployed, ill, etc: How long have you been on benefit?
    3 [C, usually pl.] advantages that you get from a company in addition to the money that you earn; money from an insurance company: The insurance plan will provide substantial cash benefits to your family in case of your death.
    See also - FRINGE BENEFIT
    4 [C] an event such as a performance, a dinner, etc., organized in order to raise money for a particular person or charity: a benefit match / concert + The proceeds from the benefit will go directly to the refugee camps.
    Idioms: for sb's benefit especially in order to help or be useful to sb: I have typed out some lecture notes for the benefit of those people who were absent last week. + Don't go to any trouble for my benefit!
    give sb the benefit of the doubt to accept that sb has told the truth or has not done sth wrong because you cannot prove that they have not: She may have been lying, but I felt I had to give her the benefit of the doubt.
    + verb (-t- or -tt-)
    1 [VN] to be useful to sb or improve their life in some way: We should spend the money on something that will benefit everyone.
    2 [V] ~ (from / by sth) to be in a better position because of sth: Who exactly stands to benefit from these changes? + Most crime victims benefit greatly by talking about their experiences.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 advantage, profit, good, sake, gain, aid, help, service:
    It would be to their benefit to call off the strike.
    2 Often, benefits. perquisite(s), emolument(s), allowance(s), extra(s), fringe benefit(s), Colloq perk(s):
    We offer one of the best schemes in the industry for employee benefits.
    3 improve, aid, help, better, promote, further, advance, forward:
    Enrolling on a management course could benefit your chances for advancement.
    4 profit, gain:
    No one has ever personally benefited a penny from these contributions.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 advantage


    considerable, enormous, great, major, real, substantial
    This could bring real benefits for teachers.
    | maximum | additional
    The scheme has many additional benefits.
    | fringe
    (= extra things that an employer gives as well as wages)The fringe benefits include free health insurance.
    | mutual
    The different environmental groups could work together to their mutual benefit.
    | potential | long-term, short-term | economic, environmental, financial, health, social | tax


    enjoy, have
    The motor industry will be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the recovery. children who have the benefit of a stable home background
    | derive, gain, get, obtain, reap, receive
    The company derived substantial benefit from the deal. I reaped the benefits of all my early training.
    | bring, offer, provide
    The new factory will bring considerable benefits to the area. This deal will offer major benefits to industrialists and investors.


    the benefits that accrue from a good education


    for sb's ~
    We shall do this for the benefit of the patients.
    | of ~ to
    This arrangement will be of great benefit to you both.
    | to sb's ~
    It will be to everyone's benefit.
    | with/without the ~ of
    managing to work without the benefit of modern technology
    | ~ for
    the benefits for companies
    | ~ from
    the benefits from tourism
    | ~ of
    the benefit of a steady income
    | ~ to
    What are the benefits to investors?

    2 money


    welfare | state | means-tested, universal
    One way to cut spending is to move from universal benefits?those paid to everyone regardless of need?to means-tested ones.
    | cash | child, housing, sickness, social security, unemployment


    amount, level


    be eligible for, be entitled to, qualify for | claim
    You may be able to claim housing benefit.
    | draw, get, receive
    He receives unemployment benefit.
    | be dependent on | lose
    She is worried that if she takes on a job she will lose her benefits.
    | cut
    The government has cut unemployment benefit.
    | increase


    be paid
    Benefit is paid monthly.


    benefits agency | office | payment | system


    on ~
    He's on social security benefit.


    considerably, enormously, greatly, substantially | fully | clearly, obviously, undoubtedly
    The new law clearly benefits those earning the most money.
    | equally | disproportionately | directly
    We benefited directly from the reorganization.
    | indirectly | financially
    We both benefited financially from the arrangement.



    Concise English dictionary

    +financial assistance in time of need
    +something that aids or promotes well-being
    +a performance to raise money for a charitable cause
    +derive a benefit from
    +be beneficial for