US: /bɪˈniθ/
UK: /bɪnˈiːθ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

beneath /bi'ni:θ/
  • phó từ
    • ở dưới thấp, ở dưới
    • giới từ
      • ở dưới; kém, thấp kém
        • the tress: dưới hàng cây
        • beneath our eyes: dưới con mắt chúng ta
        • as a musician, he is far beneath his brother: là nhạc sĩ thì nó kém anh xa
      • không đáng, không xứng
        • beneath notice: không đáng chú ý
        • beneath contempt: không đáng để cho người ta khinh, khinh cũng không đáng

    Advanced English dictionary

    preposition (formal)
    1 in or to a lower position than sb/sth; under sb/sth: They found the body buried beneath a pile of leaves. + The boat sank beneath the waves.
    2 not good enough for sb: He considers such jobs beneath him. + They thought she had married beneath her (= married a man of lower social status). - UNDER
    beneath adverb: Her careful make-up hid the signs of age beneath.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 low or lower down, below, under, underneath:
    Please sign beneath if you agree the terms.
    2 below, underneath, under; underground:
    The flowers are above the ground, the roots beneath.
    3 under, underneath, below:
    Beneath that gruff exterior of his beats a heart of gold.
    4 below, unworthy of, unbefitting, undeserving of, not (even) meriting, lower than:
    Your behaviour is beneath criticism.

    Concise English dictionary

    +in or to a place that is lower