US: /ˈbɛɹɫi/
UK: /bˈe‍əli/

English Vietnamese dictionary

barely /'beəli/
  • phó từ
    • công khai, rõ ràng
    • rỗng không, trơ trụi; nghèo nàn
    • vừa mới, vừa đủ
      • to have barely enough time to catch the train: có vừa đủ thời gian để bắt kịp xe lửa

Advanced English dictionary

+ adverb
1 in a way that is just possible but only with difficulty: He could barely read and write. + The music was barely audible. + She was barely able to stand. + We barely had time to catch the train.
2 in a way that almost does not happen or exist: She barely acknowledged his presence. + There was barely any smell.
3 just; certainly not more than (a particular amount, age, time, etc.): Barely 50% of the population voted. + He was barely 20 years old and already running his own company. + They arrived barely a minute later.
4 only a very short time before: I had barely started speaking when he interrupted me. - HARDLY

Thesaurus dictionary

scarcely, only, just, not quite, hardly, only just, no more than:
I barely had my coat off when she said she'd forgotten to shop for dinner.

Concise English dictionary

+by a small margin
+in a sparse or scanty way