US: /ˈbæɡ/
UK: /bˈæɡ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

bag /bæg/
  • danh từ
    • bao, túi, bị, xắc
    • mẻ săn
      • to get a good bag: săn được nhiều
    • (động vật học) túi, bọng, bọc
      • honey bag: bọng ong
    • vú (bò)
    • chỗ húp lên (dưới mắt)
    • (số nhiều) của cải, tiền bạc
    • (số nhiều) (từ lóng) quần; chỗ phùng ra, chỗ lụng thụng (ở quần áo...)
    • bag of bones
      • người gầy giơ xương, người toàn xương
    • bag of wind
      • kẻ lắm điều, kẻ hay ba hoa, kẻ hay bép xép, kẻ hay nói huyên thuyên
    • to give somebody the bag to hold
      • chuồn, bỏ mặc ai trong lúc khó khăn
    • in the bag
      • (thông tục) nắm chắc trong tay, chắc chắn
    • in the bottom of one's bag
      • cùng kế
    • to let the cat out of the bag
      • (xem) let
    • to pack up bag and baggage
      • cuốn gói trốn đi
    • to put somebody in a bag
      • thắng ai
    • whole bag of tricks
      • đủ các mưu mẹo, thiên phương bách kế
    • tất cả không để lại cái gì
    • ngoại động từ
      • bỏ vào túi, bỏ vào bao
      • (săn bắn) bỏ vào túi săn; bắn giết, săn được
      • thu nhặt
      • (thông tục) lấy, ăn cắp
      • nội động từ
        • phồng lên, nở ra, phùng ra
          • these trousers bag at the knees: cái quần này phùng ra ở đầu gối
        • (hàng hải) thõng xuống (buồm)
        • đi chệch hướng (thuyền)
        • I bag; bags I; bags!
          • (ngôn ngữ nhà trường), lóng đến lượt tớ, đến phiên tớ!
      • ngoại động từ
        • gặt (lúa) bằng liềm

      Advanced English dictionary

      noun, verb
      + noun
      1 [C] (often in compounds) a container made of paper or plastic, that opens at the top, used especially in shops/stores: a plastic / polythene / paper bag + a laundry / mail bag + a black plastic rubbish / garbage bag
      2 [C] a strong container made from cloth, plastic, leather, etc., usually with one or two handles, used to carry things in when shopping or travelling: a shopping bag + a make-up bag + He's upstairs unpacking his bags. + She opened her bag (= her handbag) and took out her comb.
      3 [C] ~ (of sth) the amount contained in a bag: She ate a bag of chips.
      See also - MIXED BAG, RAGBAG
      4 (bags (of sth)) [U, pl.] (BrE, informal) a large amount or a large number of sth: Get in! There's bags of room.
      under eyes
      5 (bags) [pl.] dark circles or loose folds of skin under the eyes, because of old age or lack of sleep
      unpleasant woman
      6 [C] (informal, especially BrE) an insulting word for an unpleasant or bad-tempered older woman: Stupid old bag!
      birds / animals
      7 [C, usually sing.] all the birds, animals, etc. shot or caught on one occasion: We got a good bag today.
      Help Note: There are many other compounds ending in bag. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
      Idioms: bag and baggage with all your possessions, especially secretly or suddenly: He threw her out onto the street, bag and baggage.
      a bag of bones (informal) a very thin person or animal: The cat hadn't been fed for weeks and was just a bag of bones.
      be in the bag (informal) if sth is in the bag, it is almost certain to be won or achieved
      (not) sb's bag (informal) (not) sth that you are interested in or good at: Poetry isn't really my bag.
      more at CAT, NERVE n., PACK v., TRICK n.
      + verb (-gg-) [VN]
      put into bags
      1 ~ sth (up) to put sth into bags: The fruit is washed, sorted and bagged at the farm.
      catch animal
      2 (informal) to catch or kill an animal: We bagged ten fish in two hours.
      in sport
      3 (informal) to score a goal, point, etc: Dublin bagged two goals in last night's win.
      claim sth
      4 (BrE, informal) to claim sth as yours before sb else claims it; to take sth before sb else can get it: Sally had managed to bag the two best seats. + Quick, bag that table over there!
      Idioms: bags (I) ... (BrE) (AmE dibs on ...) used to claim sth as yours before sb else can claim it: Bags I sit in the front seat!

      Thesaurus dictionary

      1 sack, shopping bag, reticule, string bag, Chiefly Brit carrier bag, Scots or Dialect poke, pocket:
      They have helpers at the supermarket who will carry your bags to your car for you.
      2 baggage, luggage, valise, satchel, grip, suitcase, overnight bag, carry-on luggage or bag, Gladstone bag, carpet-bag, portmanteau, toilet kit or case, sponge bag; briefcase, attaché case, dispatch- or despatch-case:
      Boarding in London I flew to Buenos Aires while my bag went to Seoul.
      3 purse, handbag, evening bag, wallet, Highland dress sporran:
      She reached into her bag and felt the gun that the Commander had given her.
      4 crone, hag, beast, ogress, gorgon, nightmare, witch, harridan, Archaic beldam, Slang old bat, dog, monster, US two-bagger:
      Derek has been romancing some old bag for her money.
      5 occupation, hobby, avocation, business, vocation, department, concern, affair, Colloq lookout, worry, Slang thing:
      Peter's bag at the moment is learning to play the violin.
      6 catch, trap, ensnare, snare, entrap, capture, land; kill, shoot:
      We bagged six pheasants and two partridges this morning.

      Collocation dictionary


      strong | heavy | canvas, leather, paper, plastic, polythene, string | carrier, shopping | bin, dustbin, rubbish | clutch, shoulder
      Her crocodile skin clutch bag matched her shoes.
      | drawstring, duffel | evening | overnight, weekend, travel/travelling | sponge, toilet, wash | changing
      a baby changing bag
      | school | beach, camera, golf, sports | kit
      | medical | crisp | sandwich | body
      The dead soldiers were put on the plane in body bags.
      | sick
      (= a paper bag for a person to be sick into on a plane, boat, etc.)
      | doggie
      (= for taking uneaten food home from a restaurant)
      | goody
      (= a bag given as a gift with a variety of things in)We're giving away a free goody bag with every children's meal.
      | sleeping | pannier, saddle
      | money
      (figurative) He could not convince those who held the money bags that his idea was viable.
      | diplomatic
      (= an official government container that may not be opened by customs officials)
      | mail

      VERB + BAG

      open, unfasten, unzip | close, zip up | pack | empty, unpack | seal sth in
      The mushrooms are sealed in a bag for freshness.
      | cram/push sth in/into, put sth in/into, shove sth in/into, slip sth in/into, stuff/thrust sth in/into
      The camera caught him slipping a CD into his bag.
      | draw sth out of, produce sth from, pull/take sth from/out of | delve in/into, dive into, ferret (around) in, fumble in, reach into, rummage in, scrabble in
      I rummaged in my bag for a pen.
      | clutch, hold | carry, drag, haul, lug
      There was no lift so I had to lug my bags up the stairs.
      | heave, lift | shoulder
      He shouldered his bag and left.
      | drop, dump, put down | deposit, drop off, leave
      We dropped our bags off at the hotel and went straight out.
      | grab, snatch
      She grabbed her bag and ran out of the door. Two youths snatched her bag as she was walking home.
      | swing
      He was walking along swinging his school bag.
      | look in, search | gather
      They were gathering their bags, preparing to leave.

      BAG + VERB

      bulge (with sth)
      The bag bulged with papers and letters.
      | contain sth, hold sth | be crammed with sth, be (stuffed) full of sth


      in a/the ~, inside a/the ~ | ~ of
      a bag of groceries


      the contents of a bag
      The customs officer asked him to empty out the contents of his bag.
      | sling your bag over your shoulder
      She stepped down off the bus with her bag slung over her shoulder.

      Concise English dictionary

      +a flexible container with a single opening
      +the quantity of game taken in a particular period (usually by one person)
      +place that runner must touch before scoring
      +a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women)
      +the quantity that a bag will hold
      +a portable rectangular container for carrying clothes
      +an ugly or ill-tempered woman
      +mammary gland of bovids (cows and sheep and goats)
      +an activity that you like or at which you are superior
      +capture or kill, as in hunting
      +hang loosely, like an empty bag
      +bulge out; form a bulge outward, or be so full as to appear to bulge
      +take unlawfully
      +put into a bag